‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 210 Man Up

love hip hop hollywood 210 man up 2015 images

love hip hop hollywood 210 man up 2015 imagesLove and Hip Hop Hollywood was on and popping. Friends become enemies (again), and a husband puts his wife stripping ways to rest.

Miles and Milan finally see each other after weeks of ignoring the other’s calls. Miles sets up a romantic little gathering on the beach. When his boyfriend arrives, it’s almost like he tries to pick a fight with him, but Miles keeps them on track. He tells him what happened with Amber, and it’s clear he is looking for sympathy or at least understanding. All Milan gives him is a hard time, though.

Fizz and Moniece have a conversation, and he compliments her about stepping up with their son. He tells her that he wants to meet Rich especially because he’s heard some stuff about him. He wants to make sure that he isn’t full of it when it comes to Moniece since he is around his son. She agrees and says that she will set it up.

When she speaks to Rich about it, he has some reservations, mainly due to how things went when he met her mother. He feels that the way Marla came at him, for the most part, asking about his history he can get past it. But he is not about having another man question him about stuff on the Internet. Although Rich said that he will meet with Fizz if that’s what he has to do to further show he loves Moniece, she is still irritated by his attitude and tells him if he’s going to have an issue with Fizz then they will not work out.

The time comes for them to meet and Rich really appreciates the way in which Fizz comes at him. There’s no drama, and they speak to each other like men. Fizz tells him what he expects, and Rich tells him what he plans to do. They leave the conversation on a good note. No animosity there. If only the women of the show can work things out like the men.

And it is clear that they can’t work things out as the situation with Teairra Mari (TM), Nikki, Princess and Hazel go from 0 to 100 real quick. Since she is now involved in the fashion show, Hazel E takes it upon herself to invite Princess to feature her designs unbeknownst to TM. Nikki is concerned about her business partner not having her stuff together which she should be as TM shows up to the fitting with only paper designs and no actual pieces. At the fitting is also when TM finds out that her archenemy Princess is now a part of the show. She politely backs out, and Princess goes in on her, causing Teairra to clap back. She then verbally attacks Hazel, who clearly still feels a certain kind of way about the accusations TM slept with her man (she brought it up). Hazel reads the hell out of Teairra Mari, pointing out that she is selfish and has screwed over in some form or fashion every single person involved in the fashion show. They have words and Milan, who is showcasing his men’s underwear line, walks TM out.

Apryl companies Omarion to a radio interview with Big Boi and from that feels a certain kind of way about the fact that she has put her career on the back burner to support her man. Big Boi asks her about what she’s working on, and she really can’t say much as she is not steady with it because of her girlfriend and mother duties.

In the car, this sparks a conversation in which she expresses to Omarion that she doesn’t want to be forgotten. For her, she has always been the person to put others first, and that has caused her to miss out on some things. She just doesn’t want that to happen, which I can understand because sometimes people do it and don’t mean to. He tells her he will have her back like she had his, so she needs to sharpen herself and wait for her time.

Willie finds out, thanks to Fizz and Nikki’s big mouths, at his first little show, by the way, that Shanda has gone back to the pole. Nikki knows because the girl is actually dancing at one of her clubs. Willie pulls his wife to the side and questions her. She tells him she is just doing what she has to do to put food on the table NOW and to pay bills. He checks her, and she doesn’t want to hear it. Willie tells her that if she is going to dance, she can do it alone, to which she hits him in the face and walks out.

In the end, she knows that she is wrong and waits for him outside the venue. She cries to him and apologizes. She says she didn’t want to do it and doesn’t want to but felt she had to since he lied to her about the contract. Willie tells his wife that everything is okay and that she’s not going back to the pole. She says okay.

Everything is building up from so many angles. It’s going to be explosive.