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‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 210 Real Santa Recap

It’s Christmas time on Fresh Off the Boat, and Jessica puts up “Jessicatown" which is absent of one important Christmas tradition- Santa. When Louis asks her why he's faced down in the snow

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 209 We Done Son Recap

This week on Fresh Off the Boat everyone is caught up in their own issues. With a special guest star that gives all kinds of nostalgia, the episode is one of the best this season.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 208 Huangsgiving Recap

It’s Thanksgiving at the Huang’s house on "Fresh Off the Boat,"and Jessica has been chosen as the daughter to host it this year.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 207 Dirty Dozen Recap

It’s Eddie’s birthday on Fresh Off the Boat, and Jessica is excited to use her thrifty tactics to make it another great day. This year though, he wants to have a sleepover, and she is against it because ya know, it’s expensive, he decides that he just wants to do "nothing."

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 206 Good Morning Orlando Recap

Fresh Off the Boat is always “Fresh” and this week, Louis becomes a local celebrity much to Jessica’s chagrin and Eddie; well he and his friends, find themselves in unknown romantic relationships to their happiness.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 205 Dead Street Recap

It’s Halloween on Fresh Off the Boat and the Hung’s look forward to celebrating their first fright night in Orlando.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT 204: Fall Ball Recap

It's dancing and new money on this episode of Fresh off the Boat, Eddie is going to his first dance, Grandma Huang comes into some money, and Jessica wants to flip houses.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT 203 Shaq Motors Recap

This week on Fresh Off the Boat, Jessica and Louis deal with the ups and downs of married life and raising three Asian boys in Orlando… as they always do

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