FRESH OFF THE BOAT 204: Fall Ball Recap

fresh off the boat 204 fall ball 2015 images

It’s dancing and new money on this episode of Fresh off the Boat, Eddie is going to his first dance, Grandma Huang comes into some money, and Jessica wants to flip houses.

Louis is called into a meeting at Eddie’s school where the principal asks him if he will be a part of the dance committee. He gets extremely excited at the thought of Eddie going to his first dance in Orlando and immediately comes up with a plan for his son to be smooth as butter on the night of the dance.

Back at the house, as Jessica checks the mail, she sees that a house she sold a few months back has been remolded and up on the market for almost double the price. She then gets the idea to buy a house, fix it up and sell it for more. Especially since her next-door neighbor Honey lets her know that she has a guy who can help her remodel.

Enter Grandma Huang whose longtime boyfriend just died. He left her an unknown sum of money, which leads Jessica to concoct a plan to get her mother in law to loan her the funds she needs to buy a house and flip it. She first approaches Louis, who remember, is overly excited about Eddie dances, hoping he can get his mother to give her the money. He tells her sure he can ask her, but all she is going to do is ask him why Jessica didn’t ask her. She knows this and builds up her “courage” to ask Grandma Huang for the money. It is funny here too because apparently, everyone knew that she had a boyfriend except Jessica.

While his mother is trying to play nice with his grandmother, Eddie, and his friends are getting their dance moves together so that they can impress their crushes on the night when it matters most. Louis finds them in the living room and excitedly tells them that he wants to help them by making sure they have all the right moves to make an impression. They tell him “thanks but no thanks, we got it” and then proceeds to show Louis what they have been practicing. Which turns out to be them rolling their backs to the song Mr. Boombastic, which really took me back. Louis looks at them with such pity as they feel that’s all they need to catch the girls that they want.

Let me say that the music in this show is golden. I mean, the 90’s hip-hop and R&B which is mostly what they feature thanks to Eddie’s love for appropriation is just so perfect. In fact from the cars to the dress to the lingo, Fresh Off the Boat does a really good job at capturing that 90’s.

Later, Jessica thinks of ways to approach grandma Huang in order to get her to see how investing her money in flipping a house is a good idea. She tries by giving her a gift but the elder Huang is not impressed. Nonetheless, because she was tipped off to what Jessica wants to do and because she is okay with it, she tells her that she does not only want to loan her the money but to be her partner. Then she drops the bomb on her that her boyfriend only left her $7000. Jessica is dumbfounded because obviously that is not enough to buy a house. ”It can buy a village” grandma replies, and Jessica is lost for words. Seeing that they don’t have enough money, her mother in law suggests asking Honey to go in with them. Honey agrees, gladly writes them a check, and they are in business.

The night of the dance, Louis is worried the Eddie and the boys are going to make fools of themselves and they are too. But they eventually realize that if they have fun, it will not be so awkward for them, and that’s exactly what they do. The girl that Eddie likes ends up coming to dance with him anyway, and they have a really good time.

At the end, Louis gets on the floor and shows everyone his moves, which are pretty sick. He’s a break dancing, b boy and kills it.

Leave it to the Huangs to get what they want.