‘Fresh Off the Boat’ 209 We Done Son Recap

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This week on Fresh Off the Boat everyone is caught up in their own issues. With a special guest star that gives all kinds of nostalgia, the episode is one of the best this season.

Jessica and Honey feel that they are finally ready to put their investment property on the market. While going through their monthly expenses, Honey notices that Jessica spent $500 on a fortune teller because ya know, it’s just something that Chinese people do. “I consult Madam Shing about everything.” Honey doesn’t get it and tells her that they can’t afford it. But Jessica seeks to prove her wrong. So what does she do? Calls the fortune teller and puts her on speaker with Honey. Although the woman knew some things about her and despite advising them to wait three months before putting the house on the market, it is not enough to make Honey a believer. She and Jessica get into an argument when she tells her that she is a sucker. Jessica ends their friendship, their partnership, and the book club.

While his mother is dealing with her friend, Eddie is telling his friends about the gift he plans to get his girlfriend for her birthday. It’s a necklace that costs $49.99, and because he’s a great saver, he will have no problem getting it for her. Only, he’s not that great of a saver, and so he asks his dad if he can work at the restaurant… and get paid. Louis says “no” but points him in the direction of a new country club member who is looking for help around the house. Enter DMX (yes the rapper).

Eddie is ecstatic to work for him but is bummed that he can’t tell his friends or girlfriend about it. Nonetheless, he puts in the work so he can get the necklace. But he soon finds out that working is not what it is cracked up to be. He gets to school and is super tired because he’s works so much. When his girlfriend tries to talk to him, he’s rude, and she tells him, “I don’t like you like this.”

Later that day, he tells DMX why he took the job and what he’s trying to do, and D tells him it’s not about the money you spend on your girl, it’s about the time you spend with your girl.

Speaking of work, that’s what Louis is putting in as his old friend comes to visit. Barry, played by JB Smooth, is in town and Louis gives him the benefit of the doubt that he is there just to visit and not ask for money. But he soon learns that Barry once again wants him to invest in another one of his ideas. The last one involved Vitamin L, and you can probably already guess that didn’t do to well. This one has to do with an internet garage sale.

In the meantime, Jessica quickly learns that ending her friendship with Honey wasn’t the best idea. She doesn’t have anyone with whom to gossip, and when she realizes that she doesn’t want to be like her mother in law who seemingly drove her friends away too, she goes back to Honey like nothing happened. But Honey doesn’t let her in that easily. She expresses to Jessica that she doesn’t like the fact that her ideas are not considered, like the one she made about going to a team building seminar and in true Jessica fashion, she makes light of it. So Honey tells her that their friendship is, as she said, over.

When she gets home, Jessica tells her husband what happened, and he admits to her that she was right about Barry only wanting money. He tells her she has to really apologize, and she asks, “What will I say” to which he says, “Show her your friendship matters.” As for him, he knows what he has to do with Barry.

The next day, Louis “rips the band-aid off” and tells Barry to get out because he won’t be investing in his “garage sale dot com” or what it is better known today as eBay!

After talking to DMX and understanding what he suggests, Eddie pays a visit to his sweetheart. With the help of his employer and his fly car, he impresses the hell out of her. They pull up in DMX’s whip while she practices her flute on the porch, and she stops in her tracks. They park in front of her house, and she goes crazy. Eddie then gives her flowers and tells her, “It’s not about presents but about presence.” She tells him it’s the best birthday ever.

Making a real effort to get her friend back, Jessica shows up Honey’s  team building seminar. They volunteer for a skit to demonstrate customer service, but it turns into Jessica telling her friend that their friendship matters. Needless to say, they hug it out on stage.

In the end, they choose to put the house on the market despite Madam Shing telling them to wait three months. As they prepare for their open house later that night, the maintenance guy tells them there is black mold, and it’s going to take 90 days to get it removed.

In the words of Jessica, they “just got Shinged”