Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Chickadee Wants Her Scratch & Kylie Jenner Called Racist

anna chickadee cardwell fighting honey boo boo mom june over money 2015 gossip

celebrity gossip roundup chickadee wants her scratch kylie called racist

This week’s rumor mill opens up with thieving rappers, another Kardashian/Jenner controversy and Honey Boo Boo might be cancelled, but Mama June has her Chickadee’s feather ruffled.

fan accuses dmx ruff ryders of robbing him on easter 2015 gossip

DMX and His Crew Robs Young Fan?

So when you haven’t really been doing anything in the rap game for a minute and I guess funds get kind of low, there is one way to ease the burden you sometimes feel on your wallet- rob someone at a gas station. That is exactly what one New Jersey man is claiming rapper DMX did to him over the Easter holiday weekend. Police are now investing a report that the Ruff Riders leader and his crew robbed an unarmed man at a gas station on Easter Sunday. The victim, 21, says in the report that he went to greet the rapper, being that he recognized him, around 12:30am on April 5th. They had a brief conversation about rap music then one of DMX’s homeboys pulled out a gun and demanded money from the young man.

The victim pulled $3,200 from his pocket and the rapper quickly grabbed it from his hand and took off in a one of four Black Cadillac Escalades. He followed the cars to get a license plate number.

No arrests have been made but if this is truly what went down, DMX and his people deserve to pay. This 44 year old nigga aint got no business going around robing people for money. He has made more than enough cash in his lifetime and for him to stick it this guy like that is immature, dangerous and grossly wrong.

kylie jenner goes blackface for fans 2015 gossip

Kylie Jenner in Black Face?

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner caused a raucous when she posted on her Instagram account questionable pictures that pretty much looked like she was made up in black face. The “artistic” pictures from an obvious professional photo shoot show her with considerably darker skin with an iridescent glow. People have made a fuss about it and some “activists” are claiming racism.

Let me give you the real low down on these pictures. They are actually very nice and my first instinct when I saw them was not “this shit is offensive.” I can, kind of, see why people might say that it is black face but in all honesty, you have to really be looking for it and I think the people that do are the ones who see everything in black and white. My advice to them and anyone who sees this as a racist taunt is to shut the fuck up… they are just pictures.

kylie jenner photo shoot offends people for racism 2015 gossip

You can agree or not agree by viewing them here.

lil kims ex damion hardy tried for six murders 2015 gossip

Lil Kim’s Ex Boyfriend on Trial for Six Murders

I have to hand it to some of these famous women. They really know how to pick them. If the men in their lives are not beating their ass in the front seat of a luxury car on the night of the Grammys, they are on trail for murdering six people. Such is the case for legendary female rap artist Lil Kim.

Her former boo Damion “World” Hardy went on trial last Wednesday for allegedly ordering six murders and leading a drug gang.  This is of course from a decade ago but in the eyes of the law (whatever the hell that means in today’s society) if/when you get caught, you have to pay for the crime.

According to the New York Times:

Hardy was reportedly the leader of a gang called the Cash Money Brothers, which is accused of committing multiple murders and importing and trafficking narcotics for more than a decade, Hardy was first arrested in 2004 for his involvement in drug trafficking.”

Well damn World, did you have to go and do them like that?  Furthermore, court official documents say:

He’s accused of ordering the assassination of a bouncer at a Brooklyn roller-skating rink in 1998 and that of a former bodyguard of Mike Tyson in 2003… He handed out death sentences with a simple line: ‘he has to go,’” prosecuted Rena Paul said during Brooklyn Federal Court. “World’s order was to kill on sight.”

These are some pretty big accusations. I always wonder what it is that make a man think that he has the right to take the life of another man and once more, what makes a woman attracted to such a man.

Lil Kim and her camp haven’t responded to the story as of this writing.

anna chickadee cardwell fighting honey boo boo mom june over money 2015 gossip

Mama June’s Daughter Tells Her to Pay Up or Else

Don’t you just love the great examples of mother/daughter love we see on display on TV and in the media nowadays? Well if you remember a little TV show called Here Comes Honey Boo, Boo, you know that there was always some kind of dysfunction going on with the characters.

One of the central stars was the matriarch of the family, Mama June, who is now being threatened by her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell for some of the money that June is making now that the show is over.

With reports that she is making about six figures (paparazzi shoots, TV interviews, backyard hoe downs… you know… the usual) Chickadee feels like she is entitled to get some of that action.  In her view, she was a part of the show that made her momma and sister famous so she needs to get a little something, something too.

Now what kind of mother would deny her daughter a lot in her fortune, I don’t know. But it is clear that there is some bad blood here that only stands to get worse.