Ciara’s Future could hold $15 million, DMX collapse & Will Smith’s Class Action

ciaras future could hold $15 million 2016 gossip


ciaras future could hold $15 million 2016 gossip

Ciara may find her Future $15 million happier, DMX collapsed in a parking lot but was saved, and Will Smith is keeping it classy with Janet Hubert latest tirade.

Ciara Hits Future with $15 Million Lawsuit

Why do these men continue to play with their baby mommas? Especially when the mother of your youngest child is a powerhouse like singer Ciara, you know you got some trouble coming when you keep acting a fool.

Future- the auto tunes, make my ears bleed rapper- has been hit with a $15 million lawsuit by his former fiancé Ciara. No, it is not what you think. She makes her own money, so it’s not about child support. CeCe is suing the father of her baby boy for slander. And with all things considered, can you really blame her?

Future has been on a rampage it seems saying whatever he wants about her on Twitter and in radio interviews. He has no filter when it comes to the mother of one of his many children, which leads me to believe he still has a thing for her. In an attempt to fight back and stop his doggy dog ways, Ciara has filed court papers that not only point to his countless negative comments about her in the media but also references the measly 19 visits he’s had with his son. A source close to the situation told People,

“She just wants what’s best for her and her baby,” a source close to Ciara tells PEOPLE. “She is a really great mom. Baby Future is attached to her and a super smart kid. She’s really patient and loving with him.”

Ciara is clearly making time for the nonsense but only because she has to. At least she has her beautiful relationship with Russell Wilson to look to when her baby daddy issues drain her energy.

dmx collapses in parking lot 2016 gossip

DMX Collapses without Pulse in Hotel Parking Lot

Reports have been flying that rapper DMX overdosed. It was confirmed that he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing in a Yonkers Ramada Inn hotel parking lot, apparently without a pulse. He was found unconscious.

Officials initially refrained from releasing the name of the man taken to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center. DMX, who’s government name is Earl Simmons, was confirmed as ‘said man’ by his lawyer Murray Richman later Monday Night.

The 45-year-old rapper received CPR from four cops and a medic. He was reportedly injected with Narcan, which is used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose according to a police source. Furthermore, a witness who supposedly knows DMX said that he took at powered drug right before collapsing.

The story, of course, coming out DMX’s camp claims that it was an asthma attack and being that there were no drugs found on the scene, no criminal charges have been filed. As of this writing, per Rolling Stone, DMX has been released from the hospital and is in “great spirits.”

Kudos to the officers and medical personnel who were able to resuscitate him. Now I hope he can just take care of himself.

will smiths class action on janet hubert 2016 gossip

Will Smith Keeps it Classy When Asked about Janet Hubert

I fall in love with Will Smith all over again when he gives such great interviews (and just in general everyday period). He’s a class act that has come a very long way and is one of the most bankable, respected actors in Hollywood today. Leave it to him to give a very safe and classy answer when hit with some tough questions about Janet Hubert. When asked whom he thought played Aunt Viv the best, he told BBC’S Radio 1Xtra,

“I think that both of the Aunt Viv’s were really, really fantastic… I think that Janet Hubert brought a really powerful dignity to the show. I think she’s brilliant… As an artist there’s so many things that she does. She sings, she dances, she’s like a really powerful artist. I loved what she brought to the Fresh Prince.”

Now does this sound like the response you give about a woman who has no qualms calling you out about ruining her career? I don’t think I would be that understanding.

Hubert has recently come back into the spotlight after posting a video response to Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will’s wife, boycotting the Oscars. The former Aunt Viv from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was all kinds of nasty, disrespectful and down right bitter.

But that’s okay because clearly the Smith’s approach is to kill her with kindness.