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An angry Donald Trump ends press briefings again fact check

Donald Trump has ended Coronavirus briefings after his UV Light, disinfectant mess, but here are the facts behind his claims.

Joe Biden becomes Democratic donation king plus Fox News Democrat divide

Joe Biden continues being the top donor in the Democratic 2020 election while Dems continue fighting over Fox News.

Can Fox News survive Donald Trump White House purge?

As President Donald Trumps continue racking up more departures from his White House administration, Fox News is beginning to feel the loss as he continues draining that channel to fill his staff.

Fox’s Kat Timpf feels Donald Trump white nationalist backlash

Has Rupert Murdoch finally had enough of Donald Trump? Fox News Kat Timpf feels the backlash.

Donald Trump keeping MSNBC ratings high, opponents happy

Donald Trump may not be the best thing for the United States of America, according to some people, but he's been a boon for cable news ratings.

Fox News Seth Rich scandal broadens

Just when things looked like they had calmed down at Fox News Channel, it was blindsided by a cover headline in the New York Daily News, "Fake News Channel," and questions about the independence of its journalists on Wednesday.

Megyn Kelly Putin in her time with NBC debut as Fox News rebuilds

As Fox News struggles to rebuild itself, Megyn Kelly comes out strong with Vladimir Putin interview on NBC.

Roger Ailes death won’t slow FOX News lawsuits

After the holiday weekend, FoX News is facing a very critical week for its future as it's been knocked out of the top spot as the number one cable television news outlet.

Donald Trump attacks Paul Ryan with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro

While Donald Trump sounds like House Speaker Paul Ryan's buddy on Friday after the disastrous TrumpCare bill failed, Saturday was an entirely different story.

FOX News gets holiday present with ratings

President-elect Donald Trump seems to be the gift that keeps on giving to FOX News. During the course of his election campaign, Trump's blowups with FOX News kept the network in the mainstream press more than usual.

Taylor Swift burns out on Tom Hiddleston and Zayn Malik anxiety stops shows

The minute Taylor Swift’s romance with actor Tom Hiddleston was made public, people began speculating about what the aftermath would be like if they were to break up.

Heroes and Zeros: Tayja Jones vs FOX News readers

This week’s hero is a young girl who found the courage to stand up to Internet bullies and the zero is Fox News and its readers, who are part of the internet bullying problem.

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