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Tags Edward Snowden

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Donald Trump wins with John Bolton book lawsuit

Donald Trump won in moving forward on his lawsuit again John Bolton for his The Room Where It Happened memoir.

America knocked out of Privacy Shield by EU top court

America was blocked from Privacy Shield in a European Union court ruling fearing the US would be snooping.

NSA Shadow Brokers leak mystery continues beyond case

The Shadow Brokers behind the NSA mystery leak are still unknown as the case winds down on Harold Thomas Martin.

Apple’s one trillion dollar lawsuit plus Edward Snowden’s back

Apple is facing nine lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones with one women suing for nearly a trillion dollars while NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has created a new app to stop surveillance on Android phones.

From Russia with Love, Take Edward Snowden

Does Russia want to get more cozy with Donald Trump by sending him a gift in the form of a traitor that should be executed the moment he sets foot in the US? That traitor referred to is Edward Snowden.

‘Snowden’ and Joseph Gordon-Levitt give Comic-Con a serious panel

One of the last places you'd imagine an Oliver Stone film like "Snowden" being screened would be at Comic-Con in San Diego, but having film geek god Joseph Gordon-Levitt made it more possible.

Blowing off Whistleblowers

The NSA has records—they have copies of emails right now to their Office of General Counsel, to their oversight and compliance folks from me raising concerns about the NSA's interpretations of its legal authorities.

‘Snowden’ trailer get the Oliver Stone touch

One of the biggest stories to make headlines in 2013 was the scandal surrounding Edward Snowden. As many of you are most likely aware, Snowden is a former Central Intelligence (CIA) employee who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency.

Apple vs. FBI: Obama and Edward Snowden Step In

It’s about time for US President Obama to express his opinions over the ongoing feud between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Apple has declared itself the protector of civil liberties and privacy of owners of its products

Edward Snowden far from coming home

Edward Snowden is feeling bored in Russia. He’s busying himself on Twitter debunking US government statements on national security. The latest of which is footage of an encrypted email message included in an ISIS follow-up video regarding the November 2015 Paris attacks.

Will ISIS Continue Having the Tech Terrorism Advantage in 2016?

This ISIS Tech Advantage Has to Go, but the Problem is, We All Need It

Hero’s Welcome or Handcuffs? What Will Happen When Snowden Returns?

According to Sir Oscar Wilde, “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.” I only learned that quote when Sean Connery said it in The Rock. Which is true, that men would do what it takes to defend his homeland and maintain security and that may sometimes include some despicable things such as killing and considering the very citizens of the homeland as potential threats, by spying on them.

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