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Bill Belichick vs. Dan Quinn

It may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to choosing between the coaches of Super Bowl 51. A closer look however, may not reveal that to be the case. I get it. Bill Belichick has been involved with Super Bowl game-planning

Atlanta Falcons recipe versus Carolina Panthers week 4 NFL

Dan Quinn probably hasn’t slept much this week as his Falcons prepare for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. His Birds have bounced back from an ugly home opening loss and have two nice wins over the Raiders

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn Sounding Worn Down

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn could have given Zig Ziglar a run for his money in the early part of this 2015 season. After the rookie head coach took his Atlanta Falcons to 5-0

Atlanta Falcons Week 1 Indepth NFL Recap

The Atlanta Falcons looked like world beaters at times, then faded to shades of the past two years. The bottom line is that they got the win at home. A loss to open up the year in their own building would have set a bad tone going forward, especially in Dan Quinn’s debut.

NFL Preseason Week 1 Winners & Losers

The NFL is back! I know it’s just preseason football, but the excitement is still there after enduring a long summer of other sports that just don’t do it for me or the rest of America. I will take a preseason NFL game over a regular season baseball game any day.

Dumbest NFL News

Slow news weeks in the NFL produce some weak stories and some dumb comments can make the front page of NFL.com. It’s the middle of summer so there isn’t much going on in the League obviously.

Dan Quinn’s Uphill Battle With Atlanta Falcons

I have no doubt that Dan Quinn is a defensive guru, wizard, genius, and any other word that describes his ability to stop offenses. He proved his worth in Seattle the past couple of years. While the Seahawks' defense got a lot of press because of Richard Sherman's uncanny ability to move the needle

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