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‘Big Bang Theory’ goes out on a big emotional high

Even if you had stopped watching "The Big Bang Theory," you more than likely tuned in Thursday night to see how it all ended....

‘Big Bang Theory’ cast talk finale and moving on

As The Big Bang Theory comes to an end on Thursday, the cast had plenty to say about how it ends, moving on and the legacy it leaves behind.

Sharon Reed shows how race baiting backfires

CBS new anchor Sharon Reed shows that racists can't hide behind an anonymous email calling out misspelled hateful words as she puts one out on display.

BIG BANG THEORY Recap 817: Sheldon’s Ready For Mars

On this week’s Big Bang Theory Leonard talked about how focused he was during a recent game of mini golf and compared it to the rush professional athletes get every time they play a game.


In the premiere episode of Survivor’s 30th season called Worlds Apart, the three tribes were introduced to viewers. Contestants were divided up into these three tribes based on what they do for a living as well as their general approach to life.

BIG BANG THEORY Recap: Sheldon & Penny Try Intimacy, Howard Gets Ashy

On this week’s episode of the Big Bang Theory the gang talked about an experiment Amy had read about concerning research that determined people can fall in love within a few hours.

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Todd Pedersen Vivint CEO

This week on Undercover Boss, Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint, went on a mission to observe the inner workings of his company. Based in Utah, Vivint is a company that offers security systems for homes.

BIG BANG THEORY Season 8 Ep 15 Recap: Howard’s Mom

This week on a very somber episode of The Big Bang Theory, tragedy strikes amid the opening of Stuart’s new comic book store. The CBS comedy addressed the November death of actress Carol Ann Susi, who died at 62 after a battle with cancer.

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Armando Montelongo Companies

This week on "Undercover Boss," Armando Montelongo, CEO of Armando Montelongo Companies went on a mission to determine how well his real estate house flipping business is being run

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Jessica Herrin From Stella & Dot

This week on Undercover Boss the CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin goes on a quest to observe the inner workings of her company. This direct sales jewelry company is based in San Francisco and New York City

UNDERCOVER BOSS Forman Mills Recap 2015

This week on Undercover Boss, Rick Forman, of Forman Mill went on a mission to see how his stores are being run and where improvements need to be made. Based in New Jersey, this discount clothing chain employs 2500 people.

UNDERCOVER BOSS: EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services Recap

On this week’s Undercover Boss David Seelinger, EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services CEO, went on a mission to uncover the inner workings of his own company and determine what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

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