UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Jessica Herrin From Stella & Dot

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap Jessica Herrin From Stella Dot

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap Jessica Herrin From Stella Dot

This week on Undercover Boss the CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin goes on a quest to observe the inner workings of her company. This direct sales jewelry company is based in San Francisco and New York City. Herrin started out designing jewelry in her living room and now enables 30,000 entrepreneurs to make a living selling her jewelry.

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For her first undercover mission as a woman named Nicole she went to the distribution center in Ohio to work as a picker. When she arrived she was introduced to Tyler, the distribution center employee she would be working with. Tyler said he felt like Nicole was beginning to flirt with him. Nicole said Tyler was dynamic and passionate about his job. Tyler then confessed he grew up in a poor neighborhood and his older brother is currently battling addictions. He also told Nicole that working for this company was a building block in his life.

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On her second undercover mission Nicole went to New York City to work in one of the company’s design studios. She met Maria, the employee she would be working with for the day. Maria immediately felt that Nicole looked like a Barbie. She then showed Nicole what tools she would need to perform her job and showed her how to put together a piece of jewelry. Maria said that she uses her own design ideas when she does her job. She also felt that Nicole was talking too much while they were working. Maria told Nicole she needs to practice putting together the pieces of jewelry. The two then talked about Maria’s children and the fact that Maria was currently going through a divorce. Nicole said she was inspired by Maria’s spirit. Maria then said she wants to become a full time jewelry designer to support her family.

For the third undercover mission she went to Iowa to work as a stylist. Nicole met the stylist she would be working with, Grace, at a coffee shop. Grace told Nicole she was going to take her to a trunk show of the company’s jewelry. She then said that she greets her customers as soon as they walk into her office and she gives them the best possible service. At this point Grace started to recognize Nicole as being a familiar face. This made both women uncomfortable and Grace quickly figured out Nicole was really Jessica. According to Grace she knew right away who Nicole was. The two then headed off to the trunk show held in a private home. Nicole said she could tell the guests were enjoying themselves at the show. Grace did express that when her customers asked about charms that she wasn’t very good at explaining them and she’d like to get better at it. Grace then confessed to Nicole that she lost her father to cancer when she was only 16 years old.

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For her fourth undercover mission she went to Arizona to work in the Delight Center. She then met Jade, the employee she would now be working with. Jade then took a call while Nicole listened and then offered for Nicole to take the next call herself. Nicole got nervous and talked over the caller, which Jade advised her not to do. Jade then talked Nicole through how to help the caller. Jade then commented that Nicole looked like she had been doing this job for a long time. Nicole said that she was happy Jade took the time to instruct others on how to do what needs to bet done. Jade then told Nicole that she wants to make her children proud of her. Nicole said she was very impressed with Jade and that she seemed much more mature than her 24 years.

Back in San Francisco, Nicole went back to her real identity and brought in each employee she worked with on her undercover missions. She then told each of them they were on Undercover Boss.

When she met with Grace, Jessica gave her a piece of the company’s jewelry and rewarded her with a spa day. Grace thanked Jessica for teaching her it’s possible for a woman to be strong and run her own business. Jessica then said she was making a $10,000 donation to a cancer organization since Grace’s father died of cancer.

When she met with Maria she told her she was extraordinary and a very talented artist. She then gave Maria a promotion to sample designer, as well as a raise. Jessica then said she was paying for Maria’s son to go to school for architecture. She also paid to enroll Maria’s daughter into a dance class. In addition, Jessica told Maria she would pay her family’s rent for a year.

When she met with Tyler she told him he was incredibly sweet and that she talked to Tyler’s managers about him. Jessica then said Tyler inspired her and she was giving Tyler a new pair of shoes for every yearly anniversary he marks with the company. She also gave him $5,000 to help with expenses. Jessica also told Tyler she was giving him $20,000 to put towards his education.

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When Jessica met with Jade she said she was a very good and patient employee. She then promoted Jade to lead associate at the Delight Center. Jessica told Jade she is an extraordinary mother and that she was going to send Jade and her family on a week- long Disneyland vacation paid for by the company. Jessica then gave Jade $15,000 to ease her financial burdens.

Afterwards Grace’s business increased by 15% and she took the $10,000 Jessica gave her and gave it to the doctor who treated her father for cancer. Maria was able to spoil her kids and Tyler was able to pursue his passion for psychology. Jade moved into a home with her children as a result of the rewards she was given for succeeding so well at her job and impressing her boss.