BRING IT! Ep2 Recap: Miss D Loses Her Cool Real Fast 2015

BRING IT! Ep2 Recap: Miss D Loses Her Cool Real Fast 2015

BRING IT! Ep2 Recap: Miss D Loses Her Cool Real Fast 2015

We are back for another week of dancing and drama on the Lifetime hit TV show “Bring It.” You know, this show is a lot more watchable than many other reality TV garbage that is out there. Yes, Ms. D is crazy for how she goes at it with the girls and their moms. Yes the moms are something else for thinking that their daughters walk on water and should be the main attraction every week. But the way that their girls dance and seeing the culmination of it all at the end of the episode does keep me watching the entire time.

This week was no different. Ms. D and the girls brought the madness as they faced off against The Divas of Olive Branch. The Divas have beaten the girls on two separate occasions so when they came to Jacksonville, Mississippi for the Battle Royal competition, tensions were definitely high.

Ms. D knew that she needed something different and something fly in order to win the big trophy this time around. She pulled out all the stops and brought in the “most famous hip hop dancers in the south,” a male dancing duo, to help the girls gain the edge during the hip hop trio category at the competition.

bring it miss dianne has two black hot gay men dancers 2015

The guys are harder than Ms. D in how they coach and what they expect. Five girls were up for the part and of course it was tough. Meanwhile, the moms outside are looking in wondering who the hell these guys are in there because Diana doesn’t even let them in so how the hell is she letting these two men in. Selena and Tawantza have formed a bond because they both know how it feels to be the new mom. I guess they feel the other ladies still look at them as outsiders.

Inside the Doll House, the girls have danced the choreography they were given and three were picked. Diana is happy with their choices because she knows that the girls are the ones to get it done and you know she’s going in swinging

Now Ms. D does not like Neva, the coach for the Divas (um does she like anyone). Apparently, Neva brought up the fact that Diana used to do porn or as Ms. D put it, she used to “make adult movies.” Ms. D says that that was her past and it is something she doesn’t really talk about. She was super pissed the Neva brought it up so she is defiantly on her “hit list.”

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The day of the competition comes and as the girls are getting ready, Tawantza comes in the back to take a picture of her daughter Zatia. Well Ms. D was not having that. Tawantza argued that other parents were in the back and Diana said that if you are not helping, you don’t need to be back there. Of course that did not set well with Tawantza and I totally get it. If that was my daughter, I would want to be back there too. Who the hell is Diana to tell her that she can’t be where her child is? I understand that she has a “system,” but it seems that her “system” is based on her need to be in control because truth be told, there is no reason for parents not to be able to see their child before they perform.

Anyway, as the Dancing Dolls head out for competition, they run into the Divas and Neva back stage. They exchange fake pleasantries before it gets heated. Something was said by Neva to Ms. D and she replies saying something about Neva’s eyebrows being fucked up. Low blow there Diana. Neva prides herself on being a lady because she is a diva and “divas don’t act like that” so she did not respond to the insult.

The ladies each take their respective places on the opposite sides of the stage and Ms. D sees that there is a trash can prop center stage with DD4L (Dancing Dolls 4 Life) on it. She goes over to it, looks at it and then symbolically pulls her pants down (like she is shitting in it) and walks away. When I saw this, it didn’t sit well with me because she needs to conduct herself better. She is defiantly straight hood in the way that she acts and I haven’t see anything lady like about her. How are the girls to act when the woman they probably spend most of their time with acts like a fucking hoodrat? Don’t get me wrong, she has a drive and determination but she really needs some class.

The girls perform, each doing their thing. The trio competition is over and next is the full team competition. While the DD is performing, the captain of the Divas is having a “conversation” on stage with the other girls. They make stank faces and call them, according to Ms. D and the girls, bitches. As soon as DD does their part, Diana steps on stage with a ready to fight stance telling them they need to stop talking. Neva comes on stage and Diana tells her that her girls were talking during the competition, which apparently is an unspoken rule, and calling the Dancing Dolls out of their name.

Neva denies that her girls did any of that because they are Divas and “we don’t act like that.” She feels that Diana is using this as a tactic to win. The announcer comes over and Ms. D tells him what happened and he says he will let the judges know.

At this point, Neva is pissed the fuck off and she and the girls pack up before the awards ceremony. I have to say that I feel Neva on this. I think that Ms. D’s behavior is out of order (she is always out of order) and whether or not the Divas were calling her girls bitches, she could have handled it better. Diana saw them leaving as accepting defeat, Neva saw it as taking the higher road because she was not going to stay there and be talked to or treated that way. Neva was the better coach.

In the end, the Dancing Dolls won both competition categories and redeemed their title as the baddest in the land… That is until next week.