UNDERCOVER BOSS: EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services Recap

undercover boss david seelinger driving chauffered car with black lady 2015

On this week’s Undercover Boss David Seelinger, EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services CEO, went on a mission to uncover the inner workings of his own company and determine what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey the company services customers in the U.S. and other countries.

David Seelinger assumed the identity of Sonny, a man trying to get started in the chauffeur business. In his first undercover mission he worked at Executive Las Vegas (an affiliate of EmpireCLS Worldwide with an unsuspecting chauffeur named Jackie. Her first impression of Sonny is that he looks like a truck driver in a suit. Upon transporting his first passengers of the night, Sonny gave them a bumpy ride. When this job was finished Jackie said Sonny had done a terrible drive and that he didn’t smile at his customers enough.

She also stated it was a miracle the customers tipped him and if she had been the customer she wouldn’t have. Jackie told Sonny he was going to have to loosen up for the next job. Sonny stated that he thought Jackie was the perfect chauffeur to be working in Las Vegas and that she should train all the chauffeurs. Jackie then told Sonny that she loves her job but that she also works a construction job. They also talked about marriage, divorce and being able to move on without feeling blame.

His second undercover job was also at a different Executive Las Vegas location working with the Assistant Fleet Director, Swan. Sonny stated that this position in the company was particularly important because the people in this position are ultimately responsible for the quality of the service the company offers. Swan took Sonny to a course that all chauffeurs working for the company must be trained to drive safely. As Sonny and Swan supervised Mr. Wue, one of the company’s drivers navigating the course, Mr. Wue did a terrible job and failed the test before he had even finished it. Yet he was already an employee of the company, in the position of a chauffeur. Sonny then stated he needed to find out the reason this man was allowed to work as a chauffeur for the company.

undercover boss david seelinger driving chauffered car with black lady 2015

Sonny and Swan then inspected one of the company’s cars that were not working. While they were inspecting the car they talked about Swan’s past and Sonny asked her if the job she has now is her dream job. Swan replied that her dream job would be to rescue animals. At the end of the day Sonny stated that he wanted to ensure that each of the company’s chauffeurs was being trained and supervised properly.

For his third undercover job Sonny went undercover at the Secaucus, New Jersey to work at corporate headquarters. His job was to work with the company’s dispatchers, specifically one named Anthony. Sonny confessed that the greatest fear he had about working in the corporate office is that someone would recognize him. The first call he dealt with was from a driver whose passenger wanted to make a second, unscheduled stop. Anthony took over the call when he told Sonny to speak to the chauffeur and Sonny kept speaking to the customer instead. Sonny was not happy that Anthony stated he wanted to talk to the driver and NOT the passenger. He was also not happy that Anthony asked the driver if he had him on speaker phone because he didn’t want the customer to hear what he had to say. He then told the driver that since the unscheduled stop the customer wanted to make wasn’t on the way to his destination they didn’t have to agree to make that stop. Anthony then got into an argument with the customer, even going so far as to accuse the customer of lying, and this angered Sonny, who then stated that the customer is always right. When they went on break, Anthony said that he enjoyed the people he works with but implied that he doesn’t actually like his job. He also told Sonny that the company makes millions of dollars but they don’t look after their employees.

For the fourth undercover mission Sonny went to Los Angeles to work with more of the company’s chauffeurs. He then met with Frank, the chauffeur he would be working with. Their first job was to pick up a passenger at LAX. Sonny noted that the conversation Frank was having with the passenger during the drive was inappropriate. He then stated he would have to talk to Frank about the issue. When they went on break Frank confessed to Sonny that he had been hooked on drugs in the past but that he was happy with what he was accomplishing in his job.

undercover boss david seelinger with phone for worldwide chauffeured services

When it was time for Sonny to meet each of the employees he worked with and come clean about his undercover mission He told Anthony that he had come close to revealing his identity while they were working together. Anthony then confessed to him that he was a difficult employee because he felt he never got a fair chance at succeeding in the job. As himself, Mr. Seelinger told Anthony they could make that happen together.

He then met with Swan and told her working with her was fantastic. Mr. Seelinger gave Swan $10,000 to donate to her favorite animal rescue charity. He also gave her $15,000 to be used to visit a place where she could train dolphins.

When he met with Frank he brought up the inappropriate conversation. He told Frank he would have to undergo sexual harassment training. Frank then said he was embarrassed about his actions. He then gave Frank $10,000 to fix up his car.

He met with Jackie and told her she is very good at her job. He then offered her an all -expenses paid vacation to take her family on. After telling her he felt connected to her he gave her $40,000.