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Top 7 important ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ questions answered

Marvel's biggest blockbuster Avengers Infinity War left fans with many many questions so here are the top 7 biggest ones answered including what happened to Ant-Man and Hawkeye and the Hulk.

The Great Power of Sony regarding ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’

Is Sony capable of letting this Spider-Man franchise be of quality with "Spider-Man Homecoming" and beyond with the #MCU?

Top Marvel Superhero Action Figures Every Serious Collector Craves

The one thing every action figure collector can agree on is Marvel's superhero line is worth saving up for. So, here's what you need to have the most awe-inspiring collection.

Hail Hydra! The Revisionist History of Writer Nick Spencer

History does or could get revised as more and more info, fact or accepted alternatives gets published every day. Marvel’s been throwing us much of it lately. In comics, the same thing is happening with Captain America.

No more politics for Marvel and MCU

What will you do if you have a roster of superheroes to fill two armies? You make them fight each other of course. It seems like it’s all they do nowadays, especially at Marvel comics.

2016 Box Office aided by superheroes, sequels and animation

It might be surprising to many, but the 2016 North American box office made history for having it's highest grossing year ever with $11.2 billion. Most of this was made with sequels, superheroes and animation

Ghost Rider and Captain America in one show aka ‘Agents of SHIELD’

What does Ghost Rider and Captain America have in common? They’re both in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. But how is that possible? While we know that Ghost Rider is currently making AOS hot again, where is Captain America in the show?

Parallels Between Captain America and Wonder Woman

It seems DC may have a great movie on its hands. Two in fact, or maybe three. Anyway, Suicide Squad promises to be a fun action follow-up to Batman V Superman.

HYDRA Cap is not forever in MCU

Popularity breeds controversy. By now, there are probably five household superhero names around the world. There’s Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel Hasbro Identity Crisis: When Superhero toys give away movie plots

There’s been much publicity surrounding Marvel’s upcoming movie Dr. Strange. The best things about it so far are three of its cast. Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange

Two Heads or Faces of HYDRA in the MCU

It just seems that the cinematic and television parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps growing apart as evidenced by the recent developments in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Some Realistic Science Behind THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

On May 1st The Avengers are back to kick off the summer movie experience early in Avengers: Age of Ultron! This is truly the time of year all you superhero nerds have been waiting for.

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