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Understanding Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra plus Winklevoss Bitcoin upstaged

Figuring out exactly how Mark Zuckerbergs new Libra fits into cryptocurrency market against Bitcoin for Facebook.

Latest Silk Road type Darknet site ‘Wall Street Market’ shut down

Since Silk Road closed years ago, there have been plenty of darknet markets cropping up, and Wall Street Market, the second-largest one in the...

Cryptocurrency slammed by bank and bitcoin heist hits

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue causing concern for the banking industry and after a 600 computer theft in Iceland, there are more reasons to worry about America's economic future.

What happens to bitcoin now after the plunge?

With bitcoin taking a major plunge along with some controversial stories hitting, are more people steering clear of this investment?

Bitcoin futures have a safe debut on CME

Bitcoin didn't see as much excitement in its second major exchange (CME) as it did in the first. Are investors looking for the next big thing now?

Bitcoin futures bright and looking to rally more

Bitcoin futures continue to rally in trading on Monday leaving some wondering if this is a bubble or will the cryptocurrency continue it's climb?

Bitcoin: the 21st Century Gold Standard

Currency is as old as human society. We have yet to discover a human civilization so old that the people didn’t use some form of money, be it feathers, beads, or anything else accessible to communicate

Biggest Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Facts & Fictions

The Future of Money: Top 10 Misconceptions About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Coming Into Its Own

Bitcoin? It’s weird. It’s a trend, it’s a fad, and it’s a financial bubble waiting to pop. It’ll never last. At least that’s what most people who aren’t familiar this new-fangled digital currency would say.

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