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Ben Carson proves how infected the Donald Trump Administration is

After enough media attention was brought to Ben Carson's comments, he quickly went to Facebook to better explain his words. This is something he should have easily noticed before speaking

Whoopi Goldberg takes on Ben Carson’s Trump & NeNe Leakes back on RHOA with major money

Whoopi Goldberg had her say on The View with Ben Carson on his Donald Trump endorsement, NeNe Leakes is back on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" with lots more coin and Cynthia Bailey is hearing divorce bells again.

Ben Carson’s crazy train to Donald Trump’s world of hate

Can we talk about Ben Carson for a minute? I call him “The Great Opportunist.” After recently aligning himself with the modern day Hitler, there is nothing this man will not do to sit at the cool kids table.

Ben Carson Facts You Probably Don’t Know But Should

Ben Carson may have fallen off of many people's radar after dropping down in the polls after being a serious contender with Donald Trump, but the candidate isn't giving up yet.

Glory Johnson Goes Anne Heche Route, 50 Cent Confused & Donald Trump Blowback

WNBA player Glory Jonson seems to be taking a page from Anne Heche's book when she ended it with Ellen Degeneres, 50 Cent is confused about being 'outed' by Viviva A. Fox and Donald Trump rants gets some Republican blowback.

Will the Real Ben Carson Please Stand Up?

This week, I realized something. Ben Carson may very well be the next American President. He is leading in the polls on the Republican side, and people are really starting to take note.

Ben Carson Fesses Up & Gabourey Sidibe’s Shamed ‘Empire’ Sex

Ben Carson admits to some tall tales, Jared Fogel's victim speaks up, Gabourey Sidibie gets shame tweets about her 'Empire' sex scene and Halle Berry talks divorce.

Ben Carson: The Smart Stupid Principle

In the race for the 2016 presidency, there are some familiar faces as well as some new ones thrown in the mix. Within those parameters, some of the familiar faces seem out of place.

2016 Republican Presidential Debate Winners & Losers

As a country, we are faced with one of the most important decision to make within the next 16 months- who will be the next president of the United States.

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