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Just how did that Aaron Hernandez murder conviction get erased?

Many people are wondering how Aaron Hernandez got that Odin Lloyd murder conviction erased from his record, and here's how it was done and why.

Aaron Hernandez may force New England Patriots payout

Aaron Hernandez is dead, along with Odin Lloyd, who he murdered. However, because Hernandez died before he was able to exhaust all his appeals, the state of Massachusetts has officially vacated the murder conviction.

Aaron Hernandez saga ends with funeral

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's wild ride of a life will be finalized today with a private funeral, but his apparent suicide only leaves more questions than answers.

It’s Hard to Feel Bad for Aaron Hernandez

While the loss of life is an intrinsically somber occasion, it’s hard to feel sympathy for Aaron Hernandez. The 27-year-old had an unbelievable number of things going his way: he was living the dream in the NFL, he had the chance to play in the Super Bowl

Aaron Hernandez tattoos may work against him at murder trial

Body art may wind up working against former New England Patriots NFL star Aaron Hernandez who is due in court this week for a pretrial hearing in his upcoming double murder trial.

Aaron Hernandez old cell phone could help double murder trial

Just when news hit last month that Aaron Hernandez's house, made famous when video appeared to show him with a gun in the home, was up for sale, now a cell phone that allegedly belonged to the former New England Patriot's tight end has surfaced.

Aaron Hernandez House on market for sale at $1.5 million

If you're still yearning for a piece of New England Patriots star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, you can live big like he did in his $1.5 million home.

Peyton Manning & What Kids Should Know about Athletes

The latest scandal involving Peyton Manning and what he did or didn't do to a female trainer back in his college playing days got me to thinking about what kids should know about their hero athletes.

10 Things Super Bowl 50 NFL Players Should Avoid

With the news of a Denver Broncos safety being sent home after police questioned him about a prostitution ring, I'd better send out a public service announcement to the rest of the participants of Super Bowl 50.

Aaron Hernandez anonymous tipster outed

Normally, when someone offers tips or help to authorities, they know that they will be anonymous, but the 'tipster' in Aaron Hernandez's murder trial may be surprised to find that her name, Jessica Mendes, has been released in unsealed court records.

Aaron Hernandez tipster no help after all

It looks like the anonymous tipster who really wanted to help our former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, wound up not being able to after all.

Top 10 Worst Sports Role Models of 2015

This end of the calendar year list is going to be tough. It's so hard to find athletes doing the wrong thing. Where should I look for the woman beaters and the guys with syringes sticking out of their toes as they walk to the batter's box?

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