NFL Winners & Losers: Week 7

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Week seven saw another round of great football from the pros. The Raiders may actually be good. Miami may get convicted of felony manslaughter against the Texans.

And Tom Brady is the most consistent winner in the League. Big shock right?

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Dan Campbell. I am a sucker for the underdogs of sports. It is very unlikely this man ends up coaching the Dolphins after this season. However, he is making the most of his opportunity. Maybe all the players hated Joe Philbin and love Campbell. I have no idea, but whatever he’s doing is working. People clowned Campbell after he got the nod to run things after Philbin’s firing. The fact that the guy was trusted to run the team does say something about his character though, and I for one hope he finishes the year strong enough to get the gig full time.

NFL Child of the Week: Greg Hardy is a nut case.  When Dez Bryant is the one who thinks you need to cool it, you have a problem. Hardy thought it OK to knock the clipboard out of the hands of the Cowboys special teams coach during the game Sunday. He should have gotten slammed by one of the special teamers instead of all the shoving that went on.

Winner: Tom Brady. He led the Pats back against the Jets with two touchdown passes in the fourth to go to 6-0. Pats fans best enjoy what you have in Brady, I love my Falcons‘ QB, but I never feel 100% confident he can bring his team back. When I watch Brady games, I always think he will somehow bring his team through.

Loser: Vince Lombardi’s grandson got canned today. Joe Lombardi was fired by the Lions after they lost to Minnesota to fall to a gruesome 1-6. A guy named Jim Bob will take over the Lions offense. That is not a joke and should tell you how bad things are in Detroit. Every wife of a coach there should make plans for a U-Haul immediately.

Winner: The Yahoo stream of the Bills and Jaguars was a success I guess, with 15.2 million unique viewers and 33.6 million total views. I have no idea what the future holds for internet only broadcasts. I can’t believe Yahoo profited from it, but that won’t stop them from doing it again next year. A bigger international audience is something the NFL longs for and it doesn’t matter if these streams lose money in the short term.

Loser: My boy Brandon Marshall has overcome major mental issues. Now he needs to overcome stupid plays during the game. He had a bad drop against New England yesterday to go with a big blunder at the end of the game that cost his team a shot at one last play to score. Mix in his idiotic lateral attempt a few weeks ago and what we have now is a pattern of knuckleheaded plays. Clean it up B!

Winner: Kirk Cousins was pretty damn pleased with himself after bringing his Redskins back from 24 down against the Bucs. His “You like dat!”, blast to the media as he headed through the tunnel was better than anything he did during the nice comeback. The Bucs being awful does take some of the luster off the great comeback, but let’s allow Cousins this moment of glory.

Loser: Ryan Mallett. I thought I saw a big tall guy sucking his thumb on a commercial flight I was on to Miami. I didn’t realize it was Mallett until later on after learning he missed his team’s flight. The way the Texans got brutalized by Miami, Mallett would have been better off just to sleep in even later. If not for Greg Hardy being insane, Mallett would have won “Child of the Week.”

Winner: The Carolina Panthers could be the best team in the NFC. Their record certainly indicates that at 6-0. They handled Philly on SNF and if they can keep Cam upright, they should keep rolling….receivers or no receivers.

Loser: Arian Foster jacked his Achilles Tendon up and will miss the rest of the miserable Texans’ season. Foster is one of my favorite NFLers because he actually uses his brain for more than slamming it into other players. Hate to see the man go down.

Winner: Dan Campbell is now undefeated as Miami’s interim coach. His Dolphins murdered Houston on Sunday, police tape all over the field.

I have to believe he would have to make a playoff run to actually end up the real head coach after 2015. It may seem laughable to hire a muscled up no-name, but when contrasted with unsuccessful big names from the past like Jimmy Johnson, I don’t think new blood is a bad idea.

Loser: NFL fans who will have to hear about trade rumors until the deadline on November 3rd. No one of note is going anywhere, folks. It’s the NFL. Chip Kelly has already sent all his good players packing so he has no one left to trade. I would like to start a new Roddy White for Willie Snead whisper, though.

Winner: Todd Gurley for rookie of the year? I like the sound of it. The kid is a beast in the making, having ripped off three straight hundred-yard games. He finally found the end zone this week versus the Browns….twice.

Loser: Rex Ryan and his Buffalo Bills are now sub .500 and in deep trouble. They flew all the way to London just to get beat by Jacksonville. It was even streamed on the internet for the world to see the horror of it all. Shady cost me some money on DraftKings so I’m not too pleased with these losers right now myself.

Winner: Mike Vick. Landry Jones looked like a good backup for about five minutes in week six. Turning the ball over three times in week seven exposed his downside.

Loser: Brandon LaFell does know that Bill Belichick doesn’t mind getting rid of players right? Drop six passes again LaFell and you might feel the wrath of the hooded Sith lord.