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Greg Hardy claims he’s no ‘psychopath’ as NFL comeback looms

Does Greg Hardy deserve another chance in the NFL? I think it’s safe to say that most people would say no given his abusive history of everyone from his teammates and coaches to his girlfriends.

Greg Hardy leaving NFL field for MMA ring

Greg Hardy Takes a Break from Beating Women to Pursue a Career in MMA Fighting

Greg Hardy’s Free Agency Problem

What’s Greg Hardy’s biggest obstacle when it comes to finding another team to take a chance on the free agent defensive end? His run-of-the-mill 2015 season with Dallas that saw him get just six sacks?

Ravens Steve Smith Sr not feeling Greg Hardy’s anti-violence on women claims

Greg Hardy Claims he’s Never Hit a Woman, Carolina Panther Teammate Steve Smith Sr. Not Buying It

Top 10 Worst Sports Role Models of 2015

This end of the calendar year list is going to be tough. It's so hard to find athletes doing the wrong thing. Where should I look for the woman beaters and the guys with syringes sticking out of their toes as they walk to the batter's box?

10 Most Disappointing Athletes of 2015

2015 is just about to fade away as we rush out to buy the perfect gift for that special person....or a last minute meaningless gift card for the cousin we'd like to forget we ever met.

NFL Winners & Losers Week 9

While I could dedicate every single Loser section to Greg Hardy and Jerry Jones, I will resist. The Boys did lose another game so that's a win from me and the rest of you all with some sense of morality.

Greg Hardy Gets Ray Rice Back In News

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy and NFL free agent running back Ray Rice both made their (not-so) triumphant returns to our television sets this weekend.

Greg Hardy Abuse Photos Hit Hard For Roger Goodell

Some visual imagery finally popped up in the Greg Hardy case. Thanks to Deadspin for doing ESPN’s job for them. Fox Sports appreciates your efforts as well.

NFL Winners & Losers: Week 7

Week seven saw another round of great football from the pros. The Raiders may actually be good. Miami may get convicted of felony manslaughter against the Texans.

Greg Hardy Excited to Face Tom Brady & Hit On Gisele

With Week 5 in the NFL, a bunch of old friends will be making their 2015 debut on the football field. Among those returning from suspension is Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy, who has missed every game since the beginning of last season

Greg Hardy & Martavis Bryant Back From NFL Suspension For Week 5

We’re officially a quarter of the way through the NFL season, which means all the bad asses serving four-game suspensions for various violations and offenses will be returning to the field this coming Sunday.

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