Greg Hardy’s Free Agency Problem

greg hardy looking for nfl team during free agecy 2016 images

greg hardy looking for nfl team during free agecy 2016 images

What’s Greg Hardy’s biggest obstacle when it comes to finding another team to take a chance on the free agent defensive end?

His run-of-the-mill 2015 season with Dallas that saw him get just six sacks?

What about his sideline antics in the midst of a very bad year for the Cowboys?

Or maybe his obvious stains from the domestic abuse case that he bought his way out of?

Any of the above hasn’t helped Hardy. No team likes a headache in the locker room or one that screams at assistant coaches during timeouts. And 32 of 32 head coaches would prefer not to answer questions about why they chose to sign a man convicted of beating his girlfriend.

Yet with all Greg Hardy’s flaws, the main thing preventing another team from signing him is his big mouth, coupled with his tiny IQ.  Both were on full display when Hardy gave an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“I’ve never put my hand on any woman,” Hardy said.

He stuck to the story even after Schefter pointed out the victim’s pictures that were on public display last year. Hardy had this brilliant logic in response to that visual evidence of what he did.

“Pictures are pictures, and they can be made to look like whatever they want to,” he said. “I didn’t say I didn’t do anything wrong. That situation occurred, and that situation was handled, but as a man you can’t avoid situations that aren’t your fault or are your fault,” he said.

OK? What the hell does that even mean? And did this guy score a single point on the Wonderlic test?

The only way Greg Hardy will be employed by an NFL team in 2016 is if he stops talking….starting right this second. Not one peep, tweet, interview, public statement via his agent. Nothing.

Not even “I’m sorry. I screwed up.” That would have been the proper thing to say during the last 12 months, but now it’s too late. He can’t be trusted to utter a single word that is for public consumption.

Greg Hardy is simply too stupid to communicate in any form. Every word uttered by the man inches him closer to the unemployment line.

There’s still a chance Dallas will give him another year, but that would come at a deep discount. They are the only team that won’t have to deal with a ton of questions about the man’s character. Jerry Jones and company already revealed how low they’re willing to stoop when it comes to signing free agents.

I do find it amazing that no one around Greg Hardy can talk sense into him, though. Not one single person can convince him to close off the valve allowing nonsense to flow from his Bony-eared Assfish sized brain? Not even his agent Drew Rosenhaus?

What Hardy needs is a world class PR person. One with no morals or one that can remain totally anonymous. Short of finding that person, a muzzle will do.