NFL Week 14 Recap 2014: Brian Hoyer Blows It Again

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Wow. Another crazy week. The Raiders won again. The Giants won too. It’s almost like no one wants the first overall pick this season. Brian Hoyer blew another lead, even without RGIII playing the Redskins couldn’t score, and Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski saved the Patriots once again. Here’s Week 14:

dallas cowboys versus chicago bears win nfl 2014 images

Dallas Cowboys 41 at Chicago Bears 28: Phil Emery desires to lose his job. Honestly, who signs Jay Cutler to a multi-million dollar contract the season after his back up did better than him? That’s my rant of the week. Cutler actually didn’t do that bad this week, but the Bears in general have just been poorly managed since their Super Bowl appearance in 2007. I’m still mad that they fired Lovie Smith.

Baltimore Ravens 28 at Miami Dolphins 13: Haloti Ngata was out for this game and the next three, and his presence is clearly going to be missed. The Dolphins actually jumped to a pretty quick 10 point lead before the Ravens really got it going. Joe Flacco had a great game with three touchdowns, but the Ravens defense really won this game only surrendering three points in the final three quarters.

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Pittsburgh Steelers 42 at Cincinnati Bengals 21: This game was actually really close until the second half. At one point, the Steelers scored about 17 points in like five minutes. It was crazy. At one point the Bengals punted and then Ben Roethlisberger connected with Martavis Bryant for a 94 yard touchdown. The Bengals need to get it together on defense.

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Indianapolis Colts 25 at Cleveland Browns 24: Johnny Manziel should have started this game, and Brian Hoyer proved it. Hoyer looked horrible going 14 of 31 (45%) for 140 yards and two interceptions. Andrew Luck started out poorly, including a pick six to Justin Gilbert, before picking it up at the end. If Manziel isn’t starting come next week, the Browns have no hope for the playoffs.

Houston Texans 27 at Jacksonville Jaguars 13: If J.J. Watt does not win MVP, then the NFL may as well declare that defensive players are not allowed to win it. Watt recorded three sacks, a tackle for loss, a batted pass on third down, and drew two holding penalties from Luke Joeckel and Sam Young. If the Texans had Peyton Manning or Drew Brees they would be the best team in the NFL by far.

New York Giants 36 at Tennessee Titans 7: Personally, I’m happy for Tom Coughlin. It’s been a tough, injury-riddled season for the Giants; so it’s nice to see them break their losing streak. Eli wasn’t perfect, in fact the Titans only seven points were off an ill-advised pick six. But, all in all it’s a good win for the Giants and a much needed confidence booster for the team.

Carolina Panthers 41 at New Orleans Saints 10: Wow. Well, I though Rob Ryan was going to keep his job; but that’s long gone. To be fair though, Drew Brees and Sean Payton didn’t look good either. Cam Newton actually looked good: 226 yards and four touchdowns (one rushing). If you get a chance watch the fight that Newton kind of started. Other than that, the game was boring and one-sided.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 at Detroit Lions 34: This was a good victory for the Lions. Obviously beating the Bucs isn’t award worthy, but the Lions have been struggling lately. Matthew Stafford looked great with 311 yards and three touchdowns. Ndamukong Suh was unstoppable as usual. He was flagged for an elbow to Josh McCown’s helmet, but other than that Suh tossed around McCown like a rag doll.

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St. Louis Rams 24 at Washington Redskins 0: Well after this it looks like Jay Gruden, not Robert Griffin III, will be the one without a job in Washington at the end of the season. The Redskins were actually held to under 200 yards for the day before RGIII had some garbage yardage at the end of the game. The defense was pitiful, and the only reason the Rams were held to 24 was because of all the offensive penalties. No doubt something needs to change in the Nation’s Capital.

New York Jets 24 at Minnesota Vikings 30: Geno Smith threw a pick six to start the game out, so I figured this was just going to be another blowout. Props to the Jets for coming in and trying. This was a sloppy game on both sides. Teddy Bridgewater was sacked in the end zone, defenses were breaking all over the place. In overtime, Jarius Wright took a short screen pass 87 yards to win the game. Poor Rex.

Buffalo Bills 17 at Denver Broncos 24: Well Peyton Manning’s touchdown streak comes to an end at 51. Very sad. But at the same time it was not a good game by any means. The Broncos ran the ball way too much, and when they did pass Manning seemed to be having trouble. Manning looks like he needs a rest, so the Broncos desperately need to hang on to that first round bye.

Kansas City Chiefs 14 at Arizona Cardinals 17: The Cardinals desperately needed this victory after two consecutive losses and the rebirth of the Seattle Seahawks. The score was 14-6 Chiefs at halftime, so the Cardinals definitely deserve credit for making the proper halftime adjustments to prevent the Chiefs from scoring in the second half. The Cardinals are still (kind of) in the lead for the division.

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San Francisco 13 at Oakland Raiders 24: I knew the Raiders were going to win this game, but I picked the 49ers like the rest of the world. Never bet on Oakland. Jim Harbaugh can kiss his job goodbye, and the Niners can kiss the playoffs goodbye. Colin Kaepernick continues his struggles finishing with 174 yards, one touchdown, and two ugly interceptions.

Seattle Seahawks 24 at Philadelphia Eagles 14: The Seahawks are starting to look good again thanks to the defense. Of course Russell Wilson is as mediocre and average as ever, but with the defense doing everything for him we’re going to have to start hearing more about how great he is. The only thing Wilson deserves credit for in this game is keeping drives alive with his feet. The Eagles were absolutely smothered. Mark Sanchez had 96 yards…

New England Patriots 23 at San Diego Chargers 14: Tom Brady looked horrible as usual before Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski got going. Edelman and Gronk led the team with eight receptions for 141 and 87 yards respectively. Besides a strip six, the San Diego Chargers managed only 7 points against the best defense in the NFL. If they want to make the playoffs, they’ll need to show some scoring potential.

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Atlanta Falcons 37 at Green Bay Packers 43: The Packers were winning 31-7 at halftime, so it looked like they would just run away with this game. Well, Aaron Rodgers’s off target passes finally caught up with him in the second half. The Falcons actually had a chance to win this game, but in the end they were unable to pull off what would have been the comeback of the season.