LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Recap: Peter Gunz Ultimatum & Rich Dollaz

peter gunz stalks amina in germany on love hip hop new york 2015

Mendeecees and Yandy talk the fake hospitalization this week on “Love & Hip Hop New York,” and she tells him not to play with her like that. I think that they have a major lack of communication here because both of them have their businesses and they both are pulled in so many directions. They need to focus on each other and their boys.

Apparently Cyn and Chrissy are the best of friends now. Chrissy confides in her about her relationship with Chin, etc. Then of course Cyn tells her about how she feel with Erica moving on to Bow Wow calling him her “Fakeance” (pretty clever). Through it all, she said she doesn’t feel that she got the closure she needed and wants to talk to her again.

Later she pops in on Erica at her factory because she just can’t shake the fact that she’s engaged. Everything that happened between them happened too fast and in the middle of talking, Cyn walks out and says, “I can’t do this.” Erica chases after her and asks her why she’s there. Cyn wants to know why Erica didn’t tell her about the engagement. Long story short, Cyn tells her that she still cares about her and Erica tries to stop crying but can’t and they have a crying moment that is just way too much.

Rich meets with Diamond again about her and Cisco and this chick is… just crazy. She shows up dressed in a tight dress and in her confession says that if things happen between her and Rich then maybe Cisco can see what he’s missing. Leave it along already. They flirt it up and there’s obviously a sexual attraction there.  He then licks on her neck (right there in the damn restaurant) and says “something was wrong with your hair” and tells her “you got my number” as he walks away. Wow is all I can say.

peter gunz ultimatum on love hip hop new york recap 2015

Then there’s the nigga Peter Gunz. This dude talks about how empty the apartment that he and Amina shared (she left to Germany) is. He misses the love that was once there. This guy is just something else because he can’t take responsibility for his part in all. Things happened the way that they did because he is a cheater and a liar and he cannot blame Amina.

peter gunz stalks amina in germany on love hip hop new york 2015

So after talking to his boy Charlie Murphy, he decides to go to Germany to “get his family back.” He shows up at Amina’s sister’s house unannounced. She asks him why he’s there and says “You don’t give a shit about me…I’m not comfortable knowing you love Tara so much.” He tries to sweet talk his way out of it all and says “At some point I have to make a decision” and thus is why he’s there now. She tells him “It’s a little too late.” She given him hundreds of chances and she just can’t do it anymore. He asks her if she wants a divorce and she says I just want to be by myself for a while.

Cyn and Cisco meet in the studio to go over what he can possible do for the record she wants to make. They have really “bonded” since they both have lost brothers. He plays the song he wrote when his brother died and they both shed tears. Cyn really has a moment where she breaks down about her brother and it is like a real moment which is a change from artificial that is so prevalent in reality TV shows.

So then later, Rich comes to the studio to check in on him and to see how things went with Cyn. Cisco tells him it went well and that it all cool because it’s all about music. “Imma make sure you’re covered.” Rich takes the opportunity to see if it’s cool if he smashes Diamond. Cisco immediately gets hype and tells him that he doesn’t like the fact he is thinking about screwing her. Rich tells him he gets it, hopes it all works out with Cyn and he’s not going to mess with “shorty.” Now that’s some guy code there.

yandy reacts for love hip hop new york 2015

Tara is starting a new business with to teach artists etiquette. She shares with Yandy that she is trying to get from under Peter’s shadow. She then breaks down about how much she is still hurt from Peter, the love of her life,  marrying another woman and having a baby. Ugh just move on already.

rich dollaz making more men download action love hip hop new york 2015

Then Rich, Mendeecees and Chink meet up at Rich’s place. He tells them about the whole situation with Cisco and Diamond to get their opinion on whether or not he should fuck (um I thought you already said you weren’t… men) and ends up showing Chink a magazine with Chrissy in it pretty much posing naked. Chink didn’t know anything about it and is super upset. He says he’s going to talk to her and it may end up being their last conversation.

He meets with her and brings the magazine with him. “What’s up with this hoe shit?” She tells him “It’s art baby.” He tells her that she being in the spread puts him in a situation that is harder for him to present her to his family. They argue and he ends up walking away and she calls him insecure. Their relationship is truly one for the books.

The episode ends with Peter Gunz getting scolded by Amina’s mother. I am proud of little ole Amina here because she holds her ground. She calls Peter out on going to Barbados and says that it’s unbelievable that he acted the way that he did. Amina’s mom tells her that it is her decision. Amina says, “I made up my mind I can’t be with him.” Her mom says that Peter is not going to change. “I don’t believe it.”

Amina decides to go her own way… for now. We’ll see if she’s still singing the same tune next week.