LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 514: Jhonni Blazes On Rich

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This week on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” we are winding down to the very last wire and the cast of LHHNY are sparing none of the drama.

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Peter Gunz tries to find a friend in Erica Mena. He wants her to help him get back in Amina’s good graces. She tells him that she will help but he has to do better. Why is he even trying? Peter just leave the girl alone, she doesn’t want you any more.

Erica meets with Amina and tells her that she met with Peter and that he wants her back. For the life of me, I don’t understand why she is even getting involved knowing how and what he has done. Amina is not having any of it and holds her ground against letting him back in to her life. Erica, bye. This doesn’t concern you. Just go on and be with Shad Moss.

Later, Amina meets with Orin, a former manager and flame, and he pretty much tells her that she needs a new manager because she is not popping right now. She tells him that  she and Peter are not together and he asks her if she is all in then, and she hesitates. He tells her to stop focusing on the emotion and focus on the music. He then tells her that she needs to work on getting over Peter and she says that she will. God Amina, for the love of all things decent and right, just get over Peter!

Rich and Cisco meet at a store so that Rich can “get fresh.” He tells him how he walked away from working with Jhonni Blaze and tells him that the shoes he’s looking to buy at that moment are more important to him than her career. Damn Rich. You cold.

Meanwhile, I love how the show just puts the cast members together for the sake of telling a story. Case in point, Cyn and Chrissy have apparently gotten close. They meet up at a salon while Cyn gets her hair done and she asks her about Cisco. The singer tells her that she isn’t feeling him like that and she actually has a new man in her life, Ray, who she used to be with.  Chrissy gives her an update about her life. With her, it seems like she is looking for the bad things with Chink because she tells Cyn it was nice meeting his dad and stuff in DC but she still didn’t see where he lives which leads her to believe that he is still living with his wife. She says she’s going to get an apartment and tell him that he needs to move in or else it’s over. Okay Chrissy, that’s a good idea… because ultimatums go well with men.

Later, she meets with her man at his studio and gives the news to him about the apartment. This, of course, does not set well with him.  He tells her that he’s a “grown ass man” and “I ain’t never had nobody find no place for me and tell me where I’m moving unless it was jail.”

Cyn and Cisco also meet for a date and he “just hopes that she’s feeling me like I’m feeling her.” She pretty much lets him down gently. Slowly, but gently.  In the end, he doesn’t get it ,which is not surprising especially for male narcissist like him.

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Yandy and her girls, Kimbella and Candy meet up. She talks to them about her idea of having a commitment ceremony at the baby shower, where she will legally change her last name, because she wants to be a Harris, “Just like all the other Harris’ running around the house.” She tells them about the issues with Mendeecees’ mom and says there is no way she can do this event and not tell her. They disagree.

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Yandy decides to tell Judy during their spa date with Judy. Judy doesn’t really get it and questions what is going on with the wedding. She goes back and forth and in the end, Yandy says that she’s going to do what she wants anyway and Judy just lets it go and says she will finally be a Harris.

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Jhonni meets with Rich’s mom, his business manager. Jhonni tells him mom about what happened with her and Rich. By the way, his momma is bad to the bone. When Jhonni starts crying she tells her to put those tears away. She wants to talk business. She asks her about her tweets saying she wants out of the contract and Jhonni just cries more. Her advice to the singer… stripper… whatever the hell she is… is straighten it out with Rich and move on.

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She ends up meeting with Rich and his business partner to see about getting his drink 79 Gold in a local club. She comes in and asks if she can speak to Rich privately but of course, this does not go well at all. She wants him to man up and admit the things he’s done and he just won’t. She blows up and gets all in his face.  It gets very heated and the crew has to come and separate them.

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This girl is totally twisted and gone and is so emotional. Rich is super wrong in the way that he deals with these girls and he is just as much at fault as the girl. In fact, more because he’s way grown and these girls are unstable in their twenties.

They calm down, but not for all. Rich lets her have it, yelling at her and slamming his hand down on. He tells her to tear up the contract because what they are doing is over, he’s done and he walks out leaving a sobbing Jhonni Blaze at the bar crying in her arms.