LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Episode 4 Recap: Cisco’s Surprise Baby & Gunz Keeps Playing

love and hip hop new york ep 4 diamond peter gunz images 2015

love and hip hop new york ep 4 diamond peter gunz images 2015

Oh Love and Hip Hop (LHHNY), your ability to bring the scandal, ratchedness and downright embarrassment to the black community never fails.

What can I really say about LHHNY? It is a show that continues to exemplify so many of the labels that keep us (black folk) down. Men cheating and the women allowing them to do so. Women sleeping with women, because I don’t know, it’s the “in” thing to do. Old ass chicks still trying to hold on to a sliver of their youth and remaining relevant by calling out younger chicks and fighting them at parties. In a whole world of crazies, sillies and stupids, it’s not real life.

So much happened last week, as it always does, and there is really no surprise as to the outcomes of pretty much every storyline. Cyn and Erica continue to bicker and go back and forth, “I love you, I hate you… no wait I like dick… oh you like dick too… ugh you’re such a cheating bitch” blah, blah, blah. I mean the two are really the epitome of narcissists. To be with someone that looks that much like you… it’s like having sex with yourself! Anyway, after they saw each other at Amina’s baby shower, there were still some words left unsaid so they met to clear it all up. They met particularly about the business they have together called Her a, yep you guessed it, clothing line. Apparently Cyn found out that the line was making $20,000-$30,000 a month and she wanted more of her “silent partnership” benefits. Long story short, the met, they argued, they yelled, they stormed off…same ole, same ole.

yandy with mendeecees love hip hop new york 2015

They showed just a scene from Yandy and Mendeecee’s story. She met him at a basketball court where he was playing with some guys. They talked it up then she gave him a gift bag with a positive pregnancy test in it, which I don’t really get because throughout the whole damn season she has looked pregnant so why are they just now showing the reveal? And what a reveal by the way.

chrissy white trash love hip new york images 2015

Chrissy Crastanda or whatever the hell her last name is, had a good portion of the scene last week too. The trials and tribulations she is going through with her beau Chink Santana really came full on when she found out that Chink, who said he was going to be in DC, was actually still in New York and not just in NYC on the low, but was chilling and going to clubs and shit, with some chick he claims is his artist. She met him at the studio with the girl and started to get all in his ass but he quickly turned it on her. The dude is bold. I mean, you say you’re in DC but still in the city and then you’re going out and about. Wow. But did she leave him or beat his ass? Nope. When the girl came back in saying you are interrupting my studio time, Chrissy just walked out and said something about Chink not having a home to come back to.

cisco watching diamond explode after baby on love hip hop new york

Also on the show, Diamond and Cisco called it quits after he revealed to her that he has a six month old child (he and Diamond have “been together” for two years by the way) with his baby momma. Things got really awkward when Diamond’s momma came to town and finds out a) Cisco has a child and b) Diamond just showed up in NYC without telling him. She gives the typical black woman threat “leave my daughter alone or deal with me” and that was that.

peter gunz tells amina hes on photo shoot lying on love hip hop new york 2015

The big storyline that has the most screwed up plot is the whole Peter Gunz, Amina, Tara situation. This this is so beyond my comprehension. Peter and Tara decide to take their kids on a vacation to Barbados because they have never really had a chance to do something as a family. Um hold the hell up Tara, he has a family… Amina and the baby growing in her stomach! I mean he is married to the girl right? How the hell are you going to allow a man who is married to another woman talk you into going on a vacation with just the two of you and two kids? I don’t care if he is your baby daddy. That just goes to show the level of immaturity the women on these shows have.

tara peter amina threesome for love hip hop new york 2015 images

And what about poor Amina. I mean don’t get me wrong, she brought this shit on herself. She should have never gotten involved with the poor man’s Stevie J, but to let him treat her the way he is shows her naivety and lack of self-respect. The dude lied to his wife saying he was on a remote photo shoot or doing some kind of business. Yea I’d like to see the pics from that one.

peter gunz old man on love hip hop new york images 2015

Peter Gunz is too damn old to be acting like this; saying to Tara that women are his Achilles heel. Negro please, you’re ass needs to stop thinking you are God’s gift to women and grow the fuck up. A part of me wants to feel sorry for Tara too but she is just a dumb as they come. You are with a man for 13 years knowing how much of a womanizer he is, and you want to throw a tantrum because he doesn’t marry you after all that time. Girl bye! At the end of it all, she tells him off, saying that she doesn’t want him and that he needs to just stay the hell away from her. Yea and it took you going to Barbados to finally realize this? Um okay. Peter Gunz is a poor, disgusting excuse for a man & Tara is pathetic & delusional.

diamond reacts to cisco baby love hip hop new york

LHHNY is almost over and I wish I could breathe a sigh of relief (it really is trash TV that just perpetuates the worst stereotypes) but alas, VH1 has honed into a vein of American culture and aren’t letting go with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta starting not to long after NY ends I’m sure.