Here Comes Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Overload!

super bowl 2015 xlix build up

super bowl 2015 xlix build up

I kind of miss the years when the Super Bowl was not two weeks after the Conference Title games. A week was a little better to keep out the ridiculous story lines that pop up to fill the airwaves when there are 14 days until the big game. That long of a stretch between games also gives players more time to embarrass themselves off the field before they get chance to make their community proud on the turf. All that said, let me begin the Super Bowl hype here and now.

I cannot wait for the coaching matchup between one Bill Brainiack Belichick and Mr. Motivation Pete Carroll. These two men are a pair of historically great coaches. I could make the argument for Belichick being the best football coach to ever live on this planet. Pete Carroll has had ultimate success on the college level as well as in the NFL. His current defense ranks with the best of all time statistically and to the naked eye. I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall in both men’s offices this week.

I am also anxious to see the verbal games between Tom Brady and Richard Sherman. “You mad bro?” was a couple years ago, but it was the launching pad for Sherman’s notoriety. Brady has not forgotten, but I have the feeling he takes the high road in a fake way for the next two weeks. I’m sure he secretly hates Sherman, but will likely only put out compliments to the media. As for what Sherman will say, I couldn’t guess. He’s super smart and a great marketer of himself. If he shows up to media row in Phoenix with Kevin Hart as his hype man I would not be shocked. It may be like a 14 day Madden commercial.

The actual matchup on the field should be epic. I just hope the game lives up to the hype. Super Bowls are known to be let downs however. That said, the Patriots have been involved in some of the best championship games ever. I want to see Gronk on Kam hits and vice versa. I want to see Brady pick the hobbled Hawks’ secondary apart. I also want to see that same secondary cause the Golden Boy trouble. It goes without saying that I can’t wait for Beast Mode to show up on the biggest stage. Lynch is the most crowd inspiring force ever at running back. It is like he is the linchpin between the old school world of running backs and the inevitable march toward a league that passes 90% of the time. His bruising style may keep running backs relevant another five years past what evolution would have otherwise dictated.

I am not one for Super Bowl parties and crowds making a lot of racket while I am watching the biggest game of the year. I am there for the game, not the spectacle. I don’t care who performs at halftime. Katy Perry could come out nearly naked and I wouldn’t notice. OK, that’s a lie. But you get the point. I am all about the game itself even though I can appreciate the spectacle that the game has become.

There is nothing certain with this matchup between the defending Super Bowl Champs of Seattle and the three time Champion Patriots. All the talking heads will make ridiculous predictions for the next two weeks. But the game could go either way. Early momentum is key in most Super Bowls, but that same momentum can turn on a dime as we saw in the NFC Title contest.

It will be a long two weeks for me. It always is. There will be plenty of talk to occupy me of course, but nothing replaces the actual game.

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