LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Calling Bluffs Recap

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paris gets taken down while shopping love & hip hop new york 2015

This week, we pick right back up where it left off on Love and Hip Hop New York.

Rich, Paris & Jhonni

Rich tells Jhonni Blaze that she needs to stop fighting. I just don’t get this situation. It is Rich’s fault that the fight broke out between Paris and Jhonni in the first black. He’s not doing what he needs to do with Paris as an artist and I feel her but she should not have been in that session like that.

jhonni rick with paris shopping fighting for love & hip hop new york 2015

Later he meets separately with Jhonni and reminders her about the conversation they had in the beginning when they first agreed to work together. To that she says, “You know my temper… I can’t help it I just love really, really hard.” Rich tells her to “Stop acting out… it’s got to stop.” She takes the blame for what happened and is willing to apologize. She then expresses how cute Paris is because she has a “fat ass” and Rich says you probably want to fuck her anyway. Um, okay.

They eventually meet up and Jhonni does apologize and asks her to accept it. This bitch (Paris) says “I will as soon as I beat your ass” and punches her in the face. How fucking petty can you be? This is everything that is wrong with black women today. You can’t squash shit and move the fuck on. Anyway, they fight, they’re pulled off of each other, blah, blah, blah.

Chrissy and Chink

The two get away to Atlantic City to mend things back together. Chrissy brings up the conversation about Chink and his father being sick. She feels like she should get to know them since she is a part of his life. “I’ve never met your father, or anyone in your family.” So he goes ahead and tells her the truth. He tells her what his cousin Black said to which Chrissy says, “they can kiss my ass.”

Yandy and Wannabe

Then there’s Yandy and Tara. They go on a “shopping date” so that Yandy can pick out some baby clothes. They take a break to sit down and catch up and of course Tara, tells her about meeting Amina’s baby for the first time. Yandy tells her this is good and whatever she needs to do whatever she needs to do to move on. Tara is finally acting like an adult. Yandy also tells her about this girl named Remy that is working for Mendeecees who apparently found him on Instagram and booked him for a show which subsequently landed her a job as his assistant. Of course Yandy doesn’t like what is going on and is willing to handle it. Oh Lord Yandy, don’t go into labor trying to kick this girl’s ass.

yandy smith fights with mendeecees harris about assitstant love hip hop new york 2015

Yandy visits Mendeecees at the studio of Remy is there dressed like a THOT. She immediately goes in on her outfit. Mendeecees excuses Remy and then turns around and checks Yandy. “You needs to chill.” Yandy gets straight to the point and says she needs to be fired. He tells her he’s not firing her because she is doing a good job so Yandy decides to have a little sit down with Miss Remy.

They meet at a restaurant and let me tell you, Yandy is not even playing with this girl. She goes in on her as she should. But this chick (young) is totally disrespectful. First of all she comes in dressed from head to toe in the same outfit Yandy wore in an IG post and tells her that they are the same because they both have their degrees and they both are entrepreneurs. Yandy tells her fuck that, I can fire your ass. Remy tells her she doesn’t write her checks and she’s not her boss. It’s so obvious that this girl is after Mendeecees by the very fact that she is being this rude to his pregnant fiancé.

Amina, Tara & Peter

Amina meets with Erica to catch up and tells her that Tara has been reaching out to her and that she wanted to have a meeting with just the two of them. This further shows how much of a real woman Tara can be when she just gets the Peter haze out of her view.

amina with peter gunz love & hip hop new york iamges 2015

They finally meet and pretty much put it all out on the table. Tara mostly blames Amina for everything that happened. Amina, not willing to take the blame for shit, tells her about Peter and the other girls that he was dealing with at the same he was dealing with her. Tara is totally surprised to hear this.

Later, Tara confronts Peter who, of course, denies everything. In fact, this dude is upset with Amina for even telling Tara and says something about “you know this is what she is going to tell you as ammunition.” I just don’t get why he is trying to make it seem like HIS WIFE is a liar to his ex-girlfriend. He feels like whatever happened in the past is in the past and does not need to be brought up any more. Come on now Peter, only children feel that they should not have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The end is almost here and from what the previews for next week looks like, it’s going to be damn good.