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Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kanye West In Everyone’s Biz

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kanye West In Everyone’s Biz

Celebrity Gossip Roundup Kanye West In Everyones Biz

We are back with another round of famous people and the ways that make them. As always, it’s a bit of the crazy, a lot of “are you kidding me” and a load of “whatever.”

janet  hubert not paid by kenya moore for life twirls on 2015 images

So Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel –Air, yes, Janet Hubert… you know, the REAL Aunt Viv, has called out Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star Kenya Moore for not paying her for work she did on her pilot sitcom, “Life Twirls On.”  RHOA featured one of the casting auditions for the sitcom on last week’s episode and it was interesting to say the least. You can read my recap about it here (link). Hubert who originated the role of Aunt Viv on the popular 90’s sitcom claims that things took an ugly turn when she refused to sign the Bravo release form giving them permission to film her for some RHOA episodes. Aunt Viv issued a warning to all the other actors involved in the pilot, stating, “…Don’t feel bad, she fooled us all…” What’s up with this Housewives? First NeNe, now Kenya. They don’t do good business.

kandi spoke to much about no sex with husband todd burress 2015

Speaking of RHOA, on last week’s episode too, Kandi Buress, while speaking to her assistant, revealed that she and Todd have not been having much sex lately (um didn’t ya’ll just get married) and when they do, she is the one who initiates it. Well the reality TV star is biting her words. She regrets being so open about her marital issues for the whole world to see and criticize. Girlfriend, I know after doing this for so long you forget about the cameras, but please remember that they are filming the next time you open your mouth to complain about the intimate details of your brand new marriage.

kanye west frenching amber rose for kim kardashian

In Kanye West news, according to Yeezus, if Kim K. had dated him when he wanted, “There would be no Amber Rose.” Oh yea, I forgot they dated for that week back in 2010. Of course, with Rose going off about Kylie Jenner the way she did and then Khole Kardashian defending her little sis, there was no way he could stay out of it. He jumped right into the conversation. West taped a segment with The Breakfast Club Thursday and made it clear how much of an Amber Rose fan he is not and revealed that Kim made him take 30 showers before they could have sex because Amber is that damn skanky. In other words, the very fact that he was with her made Kim K. dodge him… for a while. Humph… who knew she had standards?

kim kardashian hugging amber rose from kanye west 2015

Now we all know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned right? Well for that week Kanye and Amber were dealing with each other, they lived together and toward the end of their relationship, he started hooking up with Kim and Amber, being the female she is, when through all of his texts and emails, etc. and has screen shots of all the communication going on between Kanye and Kim.  And apparently before the two called it quits, he used to talk mess about Kim K. to “ease” Amber’s jealousy going as far as sending texts to his then boo bad mouthing the future mother of his child. Damn, damn, damn. What a love triangle here!

kanye west jumps in on tyga and kylie jenner 2015 images

Oh and remember how Tyga said he was not dating Kylie Jenner (since we are talking about the Kardashian crew anyway) Kanye pretty much debunked Tyga’s lie telling the Breakfast Club that “ he is deep in there.” Gosh Ye, can someone in your world have come kind of peace for just a little bit? ­

parks and recreation harris wittles died mysteriously 2015

In sad news, an executive producer of the show Parks and Recreation was found dead in his home by his assistant yesterday after what looks to be an apparent drug overdose. Harris Wittles, also a comedian, sometimes appeared on the show as the clueless city animal control department employee Harris. He was 30 years old.

monique blackballed by hollywood for being tacky with lee daniels 2015

MoNique is back in the news after what seems like a minute not hearing from her, and based on the interview she did with The Hollywood Reporter, we have learned why. According to the Oscar winning actress (she won for best supporting actress for the movie Precious) she was blackballed after her Academy Award victory. The story goes it was her good old pale Lee Daniels that broke the news to her several months back. The rumor going around Hollywood is that “she’s tacky and tactless” and very difficult to work with. She also expressed to THR how she has not been in many roles since the win nor has benefited monetarily from it the way others have because she “didn’t play the game.” Furthermore, she has been overlooked for parts in movies like The Butler, Empire and the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic because of the “higher ups.” What a cold game Hollywood plays.

Azealia Banks saying men dont like dark skin 2015

Finally, rapper Azealia Banks said… are you ready for it… said that men in general today despise dark skinned women. Why can’t she just be famous for being a rapper? She has to try to speak her fucking mind to be relevant. Like does she realize how stupid she sounds?  If all dark skinned women acted the way she does then yes, I can understand why. She is just adding fuel to the ongoing conversation in the black community that already exists when it comes to skin complexion, a conversation that needs to stop being had. She needs to shut the fuck up. She’s not Kanye West. At least if he’s acting like an ass, his music catalogue can back up his arrogance. Her’s cannot. I can’t deal!

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