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Tags Azealia Banks

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Warriors champagne championship, Diplo plus Selma Hayak on Donald Trump

Celebrity Gossip: Warriors $170K championship champagne, Azealia Banks credit problem, Diplo hates third place in sex Olympics and RIP Dr. Brandon Rogers.

Azealia Banks bitter angry black woman act is getting tired

If you don’t know the story, Banks, a 25-year-old rapper from Harlem, was kicked out of a party, hosted by Russell Crowe at the Beverly Hilton. Her side of the story is he spit on her and physically removed her from the party

Nicki Minaj can’t escape Safaree Samuels and Zayn Malik affects Azealia Banks

Safaree Samuels just can't let go of Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks just can't think before hitting social media attacking Zayn Malik and Kim Kardashian gets a Webby for breaking the internet.

Heroes and Zeroes: Matt McGorry vs Azealia Banks

Who doesn’t love a man that is a self-proclaimed feminist? Not only is Matt McGorry a man who stands for women’s rights, but he's also super HOT. He is this week’s hero because he read the hell out of Piers Morgan.

Azealia Banks vs Delta & Rob Kardashian’s Oral Fun With Karrueche Tran

Azealia Banks continues her tirade against the world, Sean Penn sues Lee Daniels and Rob Kardashian has some oral fun with Karrueche Tran.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Amber Rosy For Wiz & Azealia for a Bareback Obama

In today’s rumor mill, we are a talking about exes misses exes and son’s abandoning moms, and one singer wanting to take a ride on the ole Obama expressway. Plus the Bobbi Kristina Brown saga continues with Nick Gordon alleged involvement in Whitney Houston's death too now.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kanye West In Everyone’s Biz

We are back with another round of famous people and the ways that make them. As always, it’s a bit of the crazy, a lot of “are you kidding me” and a load of “whatever.”

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