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Heroes and Zeroes: Matt McGorry vs Azealia Banks

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This week’s hero is a man that just keep proving why we love him so much, and the zero is a rapper that is the epitome of lame.

Hero – Matt McGorry

Who doesn’t love a man that is a self-proclaimed feminist? Not only is Matt McGorry a man who stands for women’s rights, but he’s also super HOT. He is this week’s hero because he read the hell out of Piers Morgan.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is a hit. More than being a hit, it is a phenomenon about which people cannot stop talking. For whatever reason, however, it did not sit well with the journalist who feels, among other things, that “Jay-Z is not the only one who needs to be nervous about Lemonade.” He goes on to call Beyonce a “born again black woman” who is now on a political mission.

Morgan’s says some pretty offensive shit in his piece for the Daily Mail UK, including how much he dislikes entertainers going political. He calls her recent work “race-fueled” and says that it is a departure from her “global brand” which encompasses all cultures and demographics.

Matt McGorry, who has stated on several occasions that he is well aware of his privilege, cooked up some Twitter beef with Piers, calling him out for his white supremacist views on Lemonade, Beyoncé and black women as a whole.

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“@piersmorgan Respect for her (as an artist & businesswoman) doesn’t mean you can’t also be supporting racism (unbeknownst to you)… It’s no different than saying you have “black friends” and therefore can’t be racist. Do you agree with that?”

Matt “Bae” McGorry is all kinds of right. Morgan comes from a very white, very judgmental and very elevated position in his article and to say that he is wrong is an understatement. McGorry speaking the truth on the subject proves that black people are not the only ones who can spot the white bullshit that so many high and mighty spew to the mass. When you are immensely immersed in the patriarchy of this world, things like Lemonade and Beyoncé’s pro-black stance will not make sense to you. In fact, it will make you uncomfortable and thus criticizing it is the only way to “explain” it.

Matt sums it up perfectly by saying Morgan,

“… If you’re critiquing her way of speaking about her experiences as a black woman (something you and I will never experience) you are essentially colluding with the status quo (which is the silencing and discrimination of black women).”

Literally, that says it all. Matt McGorry is my hero.

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Zero – Azealia Banks

This chick is a zero because she keeps making headlines for her controversial views and not her music. In the latest of her stupid rants, she says that Lemonade is bad for feminism and black women, sharply criticizing Beyoncé’s latest visual album on Twitter.

“This heartbroken black female narrative you keep trying to push is the Antithesis of what feminism is… You keep crying over a man and perpetuating that sad black female sufferance, and it’s not good for what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

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There is no way that Azealia fucking Banks can align herself with the struggles of black women and not get or support Lemonade. Her hateration for the fact that no one gives a shit about her or her music has clouded her judgment. That is the only way I can explain what she’s saying. And no, it is not okay.

How dare you say that Beyoncé is “not a ‘sister’ she’s a poacher. She’s a thief.” Who the fuck are you? What did she steal and what is she not sharing with you? As one Twitter user said, Banks is bringing down another woman (Beyoncé) so how is that good for anything?

I am so pissed and done with these talentless artists who don’t have shit going for them, coming for well-known entertainers just so they can finally get some shine. No one is checking for Azealia Banks so criticizing Beyoncé and Lemonade is a way for her to get attention. She always has been and always will be a fucking laughable and easily forgettable joke.

It must suck to wake up every day and have to conjure up ways to be seen because no one fucks with your music. It must really suck to sit in front of your keyboard or stare at the screen on you phone searching the Internet for trending stories to comment on so that you can be relevant. Why don’t you go and put that energy into making something that people actually want to hear? Then you can join the ranks of black women in the public eye truly helping our cause.

Azealia Banks losing her ever loving mind, coming for Beyoncé/ Lemonade and believing that she is contributing to the conversation about black women in America by doing so makes her the biggest loser yet.

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