‘Empire’ 214 Time Shall Unfold for Lucious Lyon’s mother

empire 214 lucious staring hard

empire 214 lucious staring hard

Empire keeps the drama high with this week’s episode and gives us a shocker if there ever was one with “Time Shall Unfold.”

Lola is back in the picture but only for a split second. It opens up with Thirsty pulling a piece of the little girl’s hair out of her head while she plays at a park. “Sorry, I had to do it.” I wonder what that’s all about.

Rhonda and Anika are the best of friends. She comforts her girl in the face of everything that happened with the Lyons. Andre shows up to speak to his wife and Anika plays the caring helper. As the couple work out their problems, Anika all of a sudden starts throwing up. While she acts like she doesn’t want to tell them the truth, she breaks the news that she is pregnant, and Hakeem is the father.

Lucious throws a party for the shareholders and they encourage him to get back in the CEO position. Cookie shows up at the end to confront her babies’ daddy about killing Freda’s father. He tells her that she is neck deep with him in this situation. Cookie tells him, “I don’t want that dangerous bitch around my boys.” Scene switch to Freda beating up a dude at the barber shop where she works because he sat her in pop’s old chair.

Back at Empire, Jamal plays a song for his mother on which Freda is featured. He wants to release his black and white album before the ASA’s. She says that’s fine but doesn’t know if it’s going to matter because all people can think and talk about is Lucious’ “White Walker” video.

Later, Andre visits his brothers and advises on what to do at the shareholder meeting. They realize that their father has new support with the release of his video, and they make a plan to shut down or at least slow down his progress.

To mess things up for Hakeem, Thirsty and his boys break into Empire and hides his Antony & Cleopatra merchandise. After finding out what happened Hakeem storms into Lucious’ office demanding his stuff back or else. Before Lucious can say anything, Hakeem gets a phone call from Laura. Apparently, Thirsty and his boys also planted drugs on his the tour trucks, called the police and got all of the equipment for Tiana and Laura’s show confiscated. Lu is fighting dirty.

Cookie is also fighting dirty. She is determined to get Freda out of the picture. She knows that she can’t stop Jamal or tell him what’s going on, but she can present an opportunity in which he has to choose between having Freda on his album or a new hot artist, Stacy Run Run. She has an exclusivity clause that no other rapper can be on the album. When he tells Freda, she says “It’s cool” and walks out surprisingly calm. She tells him not to make promises. “Do you and win.” What an issue for Jamal?

Speaking of issues, Luscious takes Andre to visit his mother’s grave in the hopes of helping his son deal with his. Dre thinks he has ulterior motives, but Lu says he doesn’t. We find out here that Andre is struggling with his faith after finding out his bipolar disorder is hereditary.

Hakeem deals with the setbacks caused by his father. His team preps him on what to say, but it’s not working. He is too emotional, and his mother tells him that it’s unprofessional.

empire 214 time shall unfold anika pregnant news 2016 images

Later that night, Andre and Rhonda put their necks out on the line and stand with Anika in telling the family the great news. Hakeem is shocked and Cookie is not having it. Rhonda says she begged her friend to keep it since the family has already lost an heir. Jamal mentions Lola but Lucious quickly shuts that down when he says that a paternity test he had done proves Jamal’s not the father. He then lies and says it’s some guy named Marcus. I’m sorry Lu don’t you mean some guy named Lucious? Anika says that she wants her child to have a family, apologizes for her role in the animosity that exists and asks for their forgiveness.

The next day, Lucious makes a surprise visit to her house. He offers to buy her baby for $10 million. She protests and he tells her, “Please don’t make me get ugly.” She then threatens to tell the FBI what she knows about him.

At the shareholder showcase/meeting, Hakeem puts on his CEO pants and does a pretty good job. Then his father shows up asking questions in front of everyone. Hakeem answers them perfectly but Lucious has other things under his sleeve. He brings up all the issues he’s caused, and everyone in the room ends up cheering Lucious’ name. Cookie then smooth’s things over like only she can, taking up for her son while not taking anything away from Lucious. “Whey don’t you come up here to show that you will not fight one another, but work together.” They shake on it. At the following board meeting, Hakeem is out and Lucious is soon to be back in place as CEO.

In the studio, Jamal is pissed that Stacy is in Tokyo and isn’t feeling the situation. He goes back to Freda and chooses her over the super star rapper. She tells him, “I’ll think about it.”

empire lucious lyon mother

In the end, Thirsty goes to check on Leah Walker at a mental hospital. Yes, Lucious’ mother ya’ll. She’s alive!

What the hell is really going on with this man?

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