LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK: No Dollaz & No Sense

diamond from love hip hop new york with dollaz no sense

This week on Love and Hip Hop New York, there is so much going on and you know it is full of drama and craziness… cough… Diamond Strawberry.

It opens up with Mendeecees and Yandy talking about her firing Remy. He tells her that she had no business firing her without his permission. She tells him that she is too disrespectful and he wasn’t handling it so she did. She also tells him how she was acting and what she said when they last met and he looked surprised. He eventually shakes it off and they move on to talk about the baby shower.

They have a family photo shoot and it is totally adorable. During the shoot, Yandy gets a phone call about her dad that he is having emergency surgery due to a blood clot that may cause him to have his leg amputated. Mendeecees comes in like superman and says that he will do whatever he needs even if that means going “down there” to get him.

Next is Cyn and Cisco. They meet in the studio to hear her new single about her brother.  She loves it and can’t believe she sang the whole song. She also takes the time to bring up the fact about Diamond is crazy and she and Rich have a thing going on. Cisco says that he forgives Rich but won’t forget. Here too he tries to express to Cyn how he is starting to feel about her but she cuts him off and gets back to the music. Maybe she is playing hard to get.

diamond on love and hip hop new york 2015

Speaking of Rich, he and Diamond meet at her request and it is awkward. She orders a drink and he tells her that she shouldn’t be drinking. This bitch says, “Drinking has nothing to do with how I act.” Oh so you’re just crazy because that’s your nature. He brings up her behavior at the club with Jhonni Blaze and he goes off on her telling her that her disposition is wrong. She breaks down crying, saying she is just going through a lot and that she really isn’t a bitch but it’s just everything going on (coming to NY to be with a man she thought she was going to marry). Rich hears her but says that they can’t be friends then shakes her hand and walks out, leaving her at the bar alone. Finally, someone on this damn show is making smart choices.

Next we see Chink at home in the DMV visiting his family. He first goes to the grave of his mom who died when he was very young. He specially speaks bout Chrissy and her crazy ways (stopping birth control, her porn spread and more). He then visits his father, Stan, who is apparently sick. Stan hears his son and tells him that he is good at what he does and needs to let all the bull shit fall away; do whatever makes him happy to which Chink says, “For me, that’s Chrissy.” He asks his father how he would feel about meeting Chrissy. He says that blood runs strong meaning that he will never turn his back on Chink’s baby momma but is willing to meet Chrissy, his “other little girl he has outside here.” This is a big deal and says a lot about his father.

So Chink sends a car to pick up Chrissy (from NY) and she’s has no idea what’s going on. He goes straight into how he didn’t like the way she didn’t tell him about the birth control, magazine, etc. He says that it’s not about the fact that she did it but that she didn’t tell him which I totally understand. They get past their little argument and he tells her he brought her to DC to meet his father. She gets excited and they go inside. By the way, I am pretty sure he’s super high.

In the house she talks to Stan and tells him how much Chink changed her life. Chrissy breaks down crying about how much she loves him. His father hears her and says that the whole marriage thing, “You have to fight the world to be together.” His dad drops some truth and this is a very tender and real moment on the show.

This week too, Cyn’s event finally comes and she performs her song. Precious comes to visit and drops the bomb that Jhonni (the girl who Precious got into a fight with) has a sex tape out. They joke and say who is the guy on the tape, suggesting it’s Rich. He denies it. Cisco also takes this time to flirt and express some romantic feelings with Cyn. “I don’t want to hide it anymore from you… I would really like to see if we could be together one day.” Cyn… Cyn… I know he sounds like a good guy but don’t trust it! Look at the track record boo, boo. It’s not going to be any different with you.

Anyway, she performs her song and does a good job. Cisco watches from the crowd in “awe” of her and you can see that he is totally feeling her. She actually doesn’t sound bad, but then again, everyone sounds good with auto tunes right?

Later, Jhonni Blaze does a radio interview (um I thought those were reserved for ACTUAL famous people) and the sex tape is brought up. Tara is There too so that she can give her some pointers on how to act. Jhonni says that she didn’t expect for the “private tape” to be leaked (um yea right) and that she is totally embarrassed. Also, Tara confronts her about what happened at the party. Blaze apologizes and says that she gets a certain way about Rich. Tara then asks that and the singer(?) says that she is in love with him. Tara looks at her like, “okay.”

In the end, Rich and Jhonni meet and things go down. He shows up at her stripper job and it is clear that Rich is in over his head with these girls because he keeps screwing them and screwing them over. He tells her that he is not in love with her and Blaze tells him to “stop fucking with me then.” Rich gets up (for the second time this episode) and walks away.

Whew…Not too long now before it’s all over.