RHOA Ep 17 Season 7: NeNe Leakes’ Frankenhair & Therapy Breakdown

nene leakes goes bride of frankenstein hair for rhoa 2015

real housewives of atlanta recap images therapy mess 2015

We are back this week and it is an explosive one on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now, if you remember from last week, NeNe is in town and she wants to do a therapy session with the girls. So she sets up an appointment with Dr. Jeff. The details of their meeting comes later, so let me tell you what happens first.
porsha looking shocked for rhoa 2015Phaedra meets with Porsha at her house in “Timbuktu,” and she tells her about the meeting she had with Cynthia. Of course Porsha doesn’t has stuff to say about her. “The new Cynthia is petty, messy and mean.” Phaedra says that she doesn’t know why Cynthia is acting the way she is toward her because she always supported her.
“My mother orders from the plus size magazine she models for.”
phaedra being bitchy on rhoa 2015Porsha then tells her about Dr. Jeff and Phaedra says that she doesn’t thinks he can handle being in a room “with all these hyenas.” They eat the dinner Porsha has prepared and share a laugh.
nene leakes goes bride of frankenstein hair for rhoa 2015Later, NeNe visits Phaedra and her hair is something out of Frankenstein. Like, it is to the point where the hair people on the show need to be fired. It is not a good look. Anyway, she visits her to talk about her attending the therapy session. Phaedra really appreciates her coming (even though she is clear on not going to the therapy) because she has a super busy schedule and drove over an hour. She feels that she is really a friend.
khandi working on marriage with todd on rhoa 2015Then there is Kandi and Todd. She calls him into the room to talk about how she wants to build a legacy like her family did. She says that they are good on the money front, but they need to work on the family aspect. Kandi then brings up the therapy session and says that they need to do the homework that was assigned to them which is to write down the pros and cons of their relationship. Todd says that he doesn’t think they need to do all of that, “we just need to go in a room and have sex.” That’s a way to deal with it Todd. Kandi wants to do whatever it takes to save her marriage.
claudia talks dating in atlanta with gay friend rhoa 2015Claudia talks to one of her gay male friends about how she feels like she is not being able to really get out there and be funny on the Ricky Smiley show the way she wants. He tells her to leave it alone because that is Ricky’s place to be funny. She is there to reel it all in and kind of play the sensible thinking part. Claudia hears him but still wants to try to make a place for herself. She later meets with comedienne Lanell to get some pointers to see if she can help her. Claudia tells her that she is about to try her hand at comedy. OK Claudia… do you boo.
khandi talks to phaedra about problems on rhoa 2015Kandi and Phaedra meet at her office. They do a short catch up and Kandi tells her that NeNe said that they in particular need counseling. Phaedra mentions the fact that Kandi didn’t come out to check on her with the whole Apollo situation. Kandi breaks down crying and tells her that she understands where she’s coming from but she has her own problems too. Phaedra listens to her and says that I love you and that we are cool in the end. Kandi also brings up the fact that NeNe was once her enemy so how the hell is she her friend now to which Phaedra says that “I believe that people can change.”

real housewives of atlanta nene leakes forces counseling on girls 2015The time finally comes for the girls to meet with Dr. Jeff. Team Kenya comes in together while the other girls, save Phaedra, comes in on their own. Dr. Jeff opens the floor and that’s when it all begins. NeNe starts with the fact that the ladies always talk about being grown women but there is no “womanness” about any of them. Kenya then brings up the fact that she was not invited to the previous dinner and that’s the problem she has with Leaks. NeNe then goes off and says this is not about blaming people but about helping each other for this session. When Dr. Jeff tries to intervene and take up for everyone, NeNe then tells him “ I didn’t invite you here to represent me and… I don’t know you like that.” Well damn!
kenya calling nene leakes out on rhoa 2015Kenya brings up the fact that she believed that they were working on being friends in Puerto Rico but NeNe still threw shade afterward. NeNe tells her that they will never be friends and that she said they would find a way to “coexist.” Well obviously not.
claudia thinking nene leakes is crazy on rhoa 2015Claudia then tells her how she feels and then mentions how she seems to have a “bi-polar experience” to which NeNe went ALL THE WAY off. “This aint no come at NeNe day.” Then there is a time for Cynthia to express how she feels and things just go down hill. NeNe is obviously the problem here. She totally takes over the situation and is hostile the entire time with each person. She calls Cynthia a mean girl and asks her if she has found her voice yet… whatever that means. Then Kandi speaks and brings up their situation and how she feels that NeNe is the source of the problem.

nene leakes gets evil on cynthia rhoa 2015In the end, while Dr. Jeff is speaking, NeNe calmly gets up, gathers her things and walks out. Like, rude, no warning and just leaves. She says’ “I am not staying her for attach NeNe day.” Dr. Jeff follows her and tries to get her to come back and she just keeps walking.
nene leakes freaks out on therapis real housewives of atlanta 2015In the previews for next week, NeNe is shown telling the doctor that he needs to be worried about losing his license. This chick is off the chain. She’s showing her ass more and more sadly now as she seems to be spiraling out of control. She used to be my favorite on the show when it first started, but something happened when she got that first taste of celebrity, and she truly became what we call the ‘ugly American’ now.