TOTAL DIVAS SEASON 3: TJ’s Model Behavior

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total divas season 3 tj model behavior 2015

On this week’s Total Divas at Brie and Daniel Bryan’s home, Brie showed Daniel a home voice alert system she bought to keep them safe after a recent break in at their house. They recorded their voices and their dog’s barking for the alert system but Daniel said he didn’t think that would work.

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Natalya took TJ out to dinner to thank him for helping fix up her mother’s house after a recent flood. During the dinner they talked about Natalya’s dad and she told TJ she wouldn’t be able to deal with her father’s problems without his help and support.

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Backstage at RAW Paige met with a WWE executive to ask if she could get a tattoo. He told her she needed to get it approved by creative but they would probably say no. Nikki, Brie and Arianne talked about Arianne being nervous about her boyfriend and his family meeting het family. Arianne also said that her dad used to do crack and is now not in good health and has missing teeth, which makes her even more nervous.

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Natalya and TJ talked about how the crowd at RAW kept referring to TJ as “Natty’s husband” as opposed to having his own identity. TJ then said he had also wanted to have his own fitness center and maybe even his own life of workout clothes. He also mentioned being interested in getting into modeling, which inspired Natalya to set up a meeting for him at a modeling agency.

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Arianne and Eva Marie went to Arianne’s dad’s house to see him before he meets her boyfriend. She hadn’t seen her dad in close to a year and admitted that her dad wasn’t there for her when she was growing up. Her dad said that meeting people is awkward because of his teeth and that even though he shouldn’t let it bother him it still didn’t feel right to meet new people looking that way. Arianne then said she would take her dad to the dentist and have his teeth fixed.

TJ and Natalya went to a meeting with a modeling agency that Natalya found for him. They asked for pictures of TJ and then took some pictures of their own.

Paige was told she cannot get a tattoo because WWE has a deal with Mattel to create action figures of WWE wrestlers and that she could not change her character as a result. Paige expressed her displeasure over this and said that she isn’t a child and she should be able to do what she wants.

Arianne took her dad shopping for a new suit to wear to meet her boyfriend Vinnie’s family in. He became upset because he felt like by doing so Arianne was embarrassed about the way he looks. She then said he could wear whatever he wanted to the dinner.

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At TJ’s first photo shoot Natalya watched him get photos taken flanked by two beautiful women and said that while that would normally make her jealous she wants TJ to be happy.

Arianne then took her dad to the dentist and she was shocked to see his dentures were in such bad condition. With high blood pressure and diabetes, Arianne and her dad were told he was going to have to undergo ongoing dental work to fix his mouth even though Arianne wanted everything done within one week.

Paige, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes hung out backstage and Paige took a call from her dad in England, who agreed with WWE that she should not get a tattoo. Paige then said she was going to get the tattoo she wanted anyway because it was her life and her decision to make and no one was going to tell her what she could and couldn’t do with her own body.

tyson kid showing muscles for total divas wee 2015

When TJ and Natalya went to the modeling agency to get the pictures they took Natalya became angry that he had been photographed with such beautiful women. The agency then told him he had the potential to become a sports model and that they would put him touch with an agency that could help him with that.

Arianne and Vinnie headed to the dinner where their two families would be meeting. The two families met and Arianne expressed that her dad was dressed like a pimp. She then asked him to put in his dentures so he would look perfect for Vinnie’s family. Even though she felt bad about asking him to do that, she did so in the hopes that Vinnie’s family wouldn’t judge her dad harshly. Vinnie then said he wanted to talk to Arianne’s dad and she had no idea why he felt the need to. He then asked her dad for his blessing to become her husband someday. When Vinnie’s parents showed up Arianne was nervous. Her dad then announced that she and Vinnie were engaged, even though he hasn’t proposed, leaving Arianne anxious and confused as to what was actually happening in front of her.

At dinner that night, Natalya admitted to TJ that she was protective of him and that she didn’t like seeing a woman’s breasts against TJ’s back during his photo shoot.

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Paige went to the tattoo parlor and called Rosa Mendes to Alicia Fox to join her. Natalya also came by because Paige wasn’t listening to Rosa and Alicia telling her not to. Paige wanted a skull with a flower tattooed onto her chest and wouldn’t listen to Natalya either even though Natalya told Paige it could jeopardize her career.

Backstage at a show Paige admitted to the other divas that she would put off getting the tattoo she wanted. Instead she got two small tattoos in a place on her body that can easily be covered up with clothing. She said that Natalya made her realize that she has plenty of time to get the tattoo she wants and that right now her career is more important than having the tattoo.