LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Episode 5 Oh Baby! Recap: Peter Gunz Chooses Only Woman Left


So seriously, I don’t know whether to be happy that this season of LHHNY is almost over or bemoan that fact that LHHATL is right around the corner. So much to talk about from last night, so little brain cells left over from watching.

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The show opens up with Cyn talking to Chrissy’s old ass at some club. They share some laughs and then Cyn tells her about wanting to get back…mmm… I mean get into music by maybe doing a song. Chrissy sees this as a prime opportunity to get back at Erica by suggesting that Cyn works with Rich. Chrissy even tells her that she can do a break up song because “He’s a dope ass producer.”

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Next, this week Yandy and Mendeecees got more screen time. She met with her best friend Candy who just moved back to New York. Yandy expressed the feelings she’s been having about Mendeecees upcoming court issues. After talking to her galpal, she decides to have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant with her man to talk about her fears and feelings with the whole situation. He reassured her that he “aint got not worries” and that he is thinking positively about everything. With that, Yandy’s spirits were lifted and she goes on planning their wedding.

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Next up is Erica Mena. You know this girl is so damn full of herself. From her walk to her talk, she is just too cool for school (in her eyes). I really want to like her too. I mean she seems to be a business woman but I just can’t allow myself to have much respect for a person that conceited. She had the burning question of the night, well one of the burning questions of the night, “Why can’t my work life and my love life be good at the same time?” She feels that the same thing that went on with Cyn is the same thing that went on with her and Rich and she can’t seem to understand what the problem is. Hmmmm. Come one now E, I think you have a pretty good idea where the issue lies… the rest of the class is on page 59, keep up. To get a clearer understanding of why things turn out for her the way that they do, she turns to none other than Rich Dollas himself for some answers. When Rich starts to tell her what she needs, this chick says, “I need someone who’s built like me.” What the hell does that even mean? Their interaction (first interaction) ends with Rich saying something about her being too special and it’s gonna be hard to find someone like her. Um okay Rich, just go down the same whore house you pulled her from… DUH.

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Speaking of Rich, he meets with Cyn and they decide to work together on a charity project centered around Cyn writing a song or something. He also wants to make her the face of his new 79 campaign. Then, what does he do, tells his friend Erica. She blows all the way up. “You should have never offered her that before me…You’re taking money out of my mouth,” she told him before she stormed out.

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Then there is Chrissy and Chink. Now this is a very interesting situation because in this episode, I really felt for the woman. She is trying to be with this man who is still married so you know he’s not trying to commit right now. Her interaction with him shows how women who are “powerful” or give an air of being powerful can easily be smitten and taken down by a man. Another woman comes to mind that’s like that too – Olivia Pope. Anyway, she apologizes to him about how she came all crazy to the studio last week. Later in the show, after talking to her girl, she picks Chink up anddrops a huge bomb on him, “I stopped taking my birth control three weeks ago.” Oh he hit the fan. He pretty much told her that his trust in their relationship is gone and she breaks down crying. For the record, I get that she is old as hell and is ready to have a family. She even admitted to “ending a few pregnancies,” but trying to do that by going off the pill with a married man is not the business. I am team Chink on this one.

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Who else to talk about in this circus of fools? Oh yes, Cisco. After talking to Rich (this dude was giving all kinds of advice last night) he decides to fly to Atlanta and talk to the mother of his two children, whom he has been with since they were like 18 years old. He gets there, they talk and then he tells her that he has been seeing another girl (Diamond) for the past two years. His baby momma is fed up, as she should be, and she tells him to just leave them alone and that she is going to move on. Cisco tells her that she better not have another man around his kids because then it’s on and he’s going to go crazy. Yea because you’re not already.

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Finally and I saved this one for last because it is just so damn unbelievable. After Tara tells Peter Gunz to leave her alone he has no choice but to go back to his wife who went into labor right has he got back from his “business meeting.” He says that he’s going to come clean and start telling the truth, but I guess seeing his pregnant wife on the bed about to give birth to his daughter caused him to spare her feelings because he still referred to his tryst in Barbados as working with promoters.

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This nigga tells Amina that he chooses her (well I thought that was apparent when you put the fucking ring on her finger). He says that he talked to Tara while away and after hearing what she had to say (because he was going to see if she wanted to work it out) he is coming back home to be the father and husband that he should be. This scene really broke my heart because Amina, who interpreted what he had to say as “because Tara said she doesn’t want me, now I am just going to be with you” broke down crying and said to him, “You didn’t choose me you let her choose, it’s because of her you are choosing me.” Gunz is so slick with it though because he turns it all around on her saying “I’m just telling you about a conversation, you’re taking it and making it the way you wanted to hear it.” What? You mean she wanted to hear that I chose another woman but she rejected you so now I’m going to do right by you? Get out of here with that shit. He is a master manipulator and any woman that has dealt with or deals with him is a fool.

Lord so much happened and on this episode you can’t help but tune in to see where the madness takes the washed ups and wannabe’s next week.