LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Recap: Lots of Regrets 2015

love & hip hop new york lots of regrets recap 2015

love & hip hop new york lots of regrets recap 2015

It was on and popping this week on Love and Hip Hop New York. Like why is this such a guilty pleasure for me for real, for real?

This week Rich talks to Jhonni about that fight (no the second one) at the boutique with Paris. She is hoping that he will understand that it wasn’t her fault because this time, she came to apologize and ask for forgiveness. They talk it out and she pretty much tells him that if it happens again, she’s putting old girl out. I mean like, ya’ll need to call her a stretcher out. With that, Rich understands how she feels but tells her that she needs to keep it cool and don’t go all thug life because she’s a singer not a fighter. He also reminds her that their relationship is strictly professional (you know since she was playing footsies and all under the table). Rich doesn’t listen to his own words apparently because he follows her home.

Then there is Yandy and this situation really makes me sad because she does not need to be getting as hype as she did in this episode with her being preggers and all. With the drama she’s having with Mendeecees’s intern, assistant whatever the hell you want to call her, she has been in a tense state these past few weeks. She tells him about her meeting with Remy and Mendeecees is upset because he feels she’s not letting him deal with the situation.  She feels that the girl is trying to take her place and he tells her that Remy is just trying to be successful like her. Nonetheless, he hears her and says that he will have a talk with Remy about respect. I mean she did talk real foul to Yandy the last time we saw them.

Later, we see that per doctor’s orders, Yandy is at home on bed rest because the stress of everything has her blood pressure up. Mendeecees asks her to stop working for just a minute so that she can get back to 100%

amina telling off peter gunz love hip hop new york 2015

Then there is Peter Gunz and like literally, I just want to throw my TV out the fucking window whenever he comes on the screen. So from his perspective with everything that has happened you know him going on a family vacation with Tara and the boys and his lying to his WIFE, that Amina is the one who has been disrespectful. When he confronted her about telling Tara about his sleeping with other girls, he went off. He tells her it’s hard out here for a pimp, being in love with two women and all, then tells her he’s going to do him now that he’s told the truth and because of what she did. She tells him she’s going back to Germany with Corey and he tells her she better get a divorce first because she’s not going anywhere with is child. Um okay Peter. You have seven other ones, I’m sure you won’t miss this new one too much. This whole situation just shows how manipulative he is too because at the end, she’s crying and apologizing because he’s chastising her.

amina with peter gunz ex wife love hip hop new york 2015


After all this, Amina, who seems to have found a new friend in Tara, meets with her husband’s ex who pretty much yells at her and tells her to wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. If he left her and their two boys for Amina, what the hell does she think he will do to her and Corey? Good point there Tara. She is trying to get her to understand and see Peter’s ways. After this scene though, I am not too sure how tightly Amina is put together because she thinks Tara is trying to sabotage her marriage to Peter. Um yea, because that’s the thing that’s going to cause  you two to divorce.

peter gunz angry amina told his ex wife on love hip hop new york 2015

Later on, Amina has a singing showcase and Peter shows up. He tells her that he still wants to support her music even though things are rocky with their relationship. She tells him no way, you said you’re leaving, leave. He tells her that he really wants his family and wants to fight for them but he just can’t tell Tara this. She tells him bye and moments later we see her and baby Corey in an airport.

We get a little glimpse of Erica and her story. Her mom arrives and Erica builds up the whole story about her being with  Bow Wow. Her mom is excited for her but then Erica is like “ how am I going to tell my son…” blah, blah, blah. So over this chick. Later she shares a moment with her son in a zoo where she tells him the big news.

Moving on. The guys meet up and each share what’s going on in their worlds. Each can pretty much relate to the other because they all have some kind of drama going on. It seems like Rich is the only one who is drama free (relationship wise).

Speaking of Rich and relationships, he speaks to Diamond on Cisco’s behalf because I guess he just can’t handle it. She tells Uncle Rich that she just wants to know how to talk to Cisco and told him everything about his cheating on her. He agrees to give his buddy her heartfelt note.

When he gives the note to Cisco, he is pretty much disgusted that Diamond is still trying to get to him. I agree. Girl, leave it alone and take your ass back to L.A. where your daughter is.

At the end, we see Yandy who is off of bed rest, trying to get back in the swing of things. She is at an event when her assistant calls her to say that her son, Amir, is in the hospital. She gets to the studio and we find out all of this is a lie that Mendeecees told to get her attention (or something like that). Yandy is of course livid, pushing her baby father really hard. Just then, Remy comes in asking what’s going on. Mendeecees tells her to go file something before Yandy’s rage spills over on her. He then tells Yandy that she needs to get some perspective because she is putting her career before her kids.

Oh the drama.