TOTAL DIVAS Season 3: Nikki’s Mo’ Money Mo’ Purses Or John Cena

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This week on Total Divas Eva Marie and Jonathan went on a family vacation to Las Vegas. Eva Marie’s whole family was there and she was excited to see her brothers, nieces and nephews. She said she was concerned about her dad’s health and that she needs to spend as much time with him as possible.

Backstage at RAW Nikki found out that her two favorite designers are collaborating on a purse she highly covets even though it costs $15,000. Brie then said Nikki shops too much and she needs to start saving money in case John Cena kicks her out of their house.

Back in Las Vegas, Eva Marie and her mom discussed the fact that they hadn’t had a family vacation in a long time and that her dad was thrilled to be with the whole family. This made Eva Marie suspicious that something is wrong with her dad that her mom won’t tell her. The family then went out to party at a Las Vegas nightclub. Eva Marie danced with her dad and brothers.

In New York, Natalya talked to her mom about taking care of her dad. Natalya said that she calls her dad a lot and TJ remarked that she calls her dad more than she texts TJ. When Natalya arrived at her mom’s house in Tampa they discussed her dad. Natalya then found out that her mom’s house had flooded and her dad was not doing anything about it. She then called TJ to hell him about the flood and all he had to say was that he was surprised Natalya called him. Natalya then helped her mom clean her flooded house. When TJ arrived at the house he said that it would be easy to fix the damage the flood had done.

At their house in Arizona, Nikki showed Brie an expensive dress that she bought. Brie then told Nikki she thought she was being a fool with her money. She then told Nikki she needed to sit down with a financial advisor and plan out the next five to 10 years of her life.

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In Las Vegas Eva Marie called a family meeting with her brothers. She told them if this was going to be their dad’s last vacation they should make up a bucket list and do everything on it. Eva Marie and her brothers then talked about things to put on the list and her brothers agreed to coordinate everything on the list.

Back in Arizona Brie went to a salon with her mother and told her about the expensive designer purse Nikki wants. Their mom said Brie was always a saver but Nikki never was. She then also pointed out that Nikki and Brie spend an equal amount of money, just on different things.

TJ and Natalya met with a friend of TJ’s who could help remodel her mom’s house. They then moved out old furniture and threw certain things away.

Back in Las Vegas Eva Marie and family went to a restaurant where Jonathan wanted to do a burger food challenge. Eva Marie showed up later at her parent’s hotel room and announced they were having a game night. After a day of family fun Eva Marie found her dad asleep. The next day the family went sky diving together and Eva Marie said it was the ultimate act of family bonding. She then argued with her brothers about the bucket list when their dad found out what Eva Marie was doing. This turned into an argument between Eva Marie and her mom and dad. Her dad said not to worry about a bucket list because he insisted he was not sick. Back at their hotel room Eva Marie discussed with her brothers what went wrong. She then said she was going to go make amends with her dad. She apologized for upsetting her parents but her dad said he appreciated everything his kids did for him.

At John and Nikki’s house a package arrived for Nikki. She opened the box and found out John got her the purse she wanted so badly. She then thanked him and gave him a big kiss.

Backstage at RAW, Nikki showed up with the purse John bought her and Brie was less than pleased when she saw her sister carrying the expensive purse since she didn’t know Nikki got it as a gift. Brie then said she was disappointed in Nikki. Then Nikki said that Brie killed her buzz over getting the new purse.

Natalya spoke on the phone to TJ about fixing up her parents’ house. Naomi was in the car with Natalya during the phone call and she said that TJs actions cleaning up their house mean that he loves her and he is a good guy.

Nikki and Brie then went to meet with a financial advisor and Brie told the advisor that Nikki spends her money incorrectly. The financial advisor then asked Nikki what she was going to do someday when she no longer works for the WWE. Nikki tried to turn the tables on Brie when it comes to how each of them spends their money. After they left the meeting Nikki said it was well worth it. The two talked about the fact that the advisor brought up motherhood as a possibility for Nikki’s future.

Natalya and Naomi went furniture shopping for Natalya’s parents’ house. The women talked about how Natalya was afraid the things her dad was going through may end up being things she and TJ go through as well. Natalya admitted she projects her anxieties about her family on TJ.

Back in Las Vegas Eva Marie and her family went to a racetrack and got to race against each other.

Natalya arrived at her parents’ house to see how much TJ had cleaned it up. When Natalya’s mom came home she saw her newly redesigned home. Natalya and her mom then hugged and cried happy tears.