LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 7 Recap: Diamond Loses It

LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 7 Recap Diamond Loses It

LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 7 Recap Diamond Loses It

So we are back this week and the drama is on full force with the minions of Love and Hip Hop New York (LHHNY). I find it hard to resist getting sucked into their craziness because I really can’t believe that people actually live and act like this.

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We open up with Rich Dollaz and Jhonni Blaze. Apparently the two used to mess around and it ended with her putting his phone number on Twitter (damn, girl… bitter much). DJ Kay Slay brings the two back together for business purposes even though Rich expresses his hesitations. He agrees to do it anyway, saying that he is going off the strength of Slay. Rich tells Jhonni if they are going to work together, she has to live up to the hype. They hug it out.

jhonni blaze love hip hop new york recap 2015

Then, they meet up to talk about the “rules and regulations” of their business collaboration. He calls their previous interaction a “friendship” to which Jhonni replies, “friends don’t fuck.” Girl yes they do, it’s call “homie, lover, friend.” She feels that Rich screwed her over and he hurt her… he hurt her bad. She ends up accepting his “apology” and he tells her to stay off social media, “you have one shot at this, you either turn it around or you don’t turn it around.”

diamond losing it on love hip hop new york ep 7 2015 recap

Back this week is Diamond who claims to have a new boo, a NY music producer named ROC. This chick has got to be the dumbest woman alive. She says she loves NY and wants to stay. Bitch what about your daughter? How are you going to leave her with you momma? Where the hell they do that at? This chick is obviously spoiled and the way her mom acted with Cisco, she has nobody but herself to blame for her daughter’s reckless behavior.

Next we have Mendeecee and Yandy. Yandy done called his momma, Judy, because he apparently made the matters with Samantha, his baby momma, worse when they finally had their discussion last week. He explains to his mother and Yandy that Sam wants to pretty much take away Lil Mendeecee and is willing to go to court. So they make a date and time for him and his mom to talk to Sam and her mom Kim. That should be fun.

amina still trashed by peter gunz love hip hop new york 2015

Then there is Amina. Her sister comes to visit all the way from Germany. They do yoga together and have some sister time. Amina tells her what Peter “Wack Ass” Gunz did, going to Barbados with Tara and the boys and that Tara is obviously okay with that. She says she’s going to leave her husband and probably stay when she goes to visit her family in Germany.

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Perter comes home from spending the night at Tara’s (he claims she was not there). He asks Amina if she’s alright to which she says, “I’m good.” This man then says, “I left Barbados in Barbados” whatever that means. He tells her he has a surprise for her, “he’s bringing all the kids together,” all eight of them. He’s doing this because he doesn’t want to lose her and talks about having a ceremony. Amina then asks him does he want to be married to her and he says, “I am married to you.” Um Pete, that doesn’t answer the question; Always trying to get out of your responsibility. She tells him she doesn’t know if she wants to continue. Finally, Amina is getting a back bone.

Cisco gets a little more shine this week. He talks about how both his chicks are mad at him when he was only trying to “do right.” Well the time to do right Cisco was like… um… two years ago. He meets up with his boy Rich Dollaz for a game of pool. Rich has really become the go to for advice of the fools on this show. He does seem to have the most stable mind and I mean, he should, he’s like the oldest person on the show. We should just call him uncle Rich. Anyway, he tells Cisco that he can’t stop his baby momma Tasha from being with another guy nor can he monitor who she has around the kids “876 miles away.” Rich then proceeds to show him a pic of Diamond and her new boo ROC. And you know Cisco ain’t having that shit (he’s such a hypocrite).

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He ends up meeting with Diamond in the studio and tells her, “You could have called me or told me” referring to her moving on. Nig-ga please. You had a baby while you guys were together. “I feel like I deserved to be done better than that.” Look you little five year old, just because you are turning over a new leaf and trying to be better, does not take away from the fact you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Cisco tells Diamond she should have stood the course longer or gone back to L.A. if she really did come out to NY for him in the first place. Ugh… what’s up with these dudes and their entitlement issues? Like who really acts like this? In the end, she tells him that he is a fraud and that she heard he really “ain’t about that life.” He tells her to get the fuck out with “yo corny ass.” Yea, that’s how you’ll get her back Cisco.

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Enter next is Mama Bitch Tara herself. She has a lunch that she invites Yandy to which they both update each other on their respective lives. This bitch then says she doesn’t feel bad that she went on the trip with Peter and that she is putting herself in a position to take the power away from everyone. How much more delusion can this chick be? She is unbelievably stupid, cold and just… sad. She is a grown ass woman who is probably almost old enough to be Amina’s mom yet she’s at war with the girl over the lies that Peter CONTINUES to tell. Get it together Tara. Wake the fuck up and move on. Stop saying you are, just fucking do it already. Damn. But I digress.

mendeecees gets verbal with judy and samantha love hip hop new york recap 2015

Then there’s the culmination of the whole episode. Mendeecee and Judy meet with Sam and Kim. Now, these women are in their 50’s at least, maybe even 60’s. Kim says she didn’t threaten Mendeecee and they go back and forth. Then, Sam asks Mendeecee’s mom her age and this super grown ass woman throws her drink on both Sam and Kim. Then the NY nigga comes out of Kim, who is obviously a dike. She goes straight lesbo, cock diesel, linebacker on everyone, including the show’s body guards. As she tries to get to Judy, all we hear is, “that bitch dead tonight.”

In the end, Mendeecee and Kim hug it out and Kim ends up being the bigger person saying that it is all about her grandson and “I’ll whoop both ya’ll asses” referring to Sam and Mendeecee.

Ugh… why grown people, why? So much drama in the LBC. I can’t deal. But I’ll be back next week with the recap.