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TRUE DETECTIVE 203: He’s Alive! Maybe Tomorrow

OK, I was dead wrong about last weeks True Detective and Colin Farrell being killed. Detective Ray Velcoro is not in fact dead. I'm glad the character is still around (he's angry as hell mind you)

TRUE DETECTIVE 202: Night Finds You But Not Colin Farrell

I don’t know if it was night that found Detective Ray Velcoro, but a weirdo with a mask and a scattergun sure did! What a short run for Colin Farrell. Two episodes in and it’s lights out for what should have been a major character in this season’s rendition of True Detective.

TRUE DETECTIVE 201: Western Book of the Dead Recap

After the epic performances of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in season one, not many folks give season two of True Detective a chance of hitting that level. Even as a huge Vince Vaughn fan I have trouble seeing this year topping last year's version of the crime drama.