2016 Rio Olympics - Is Usain Bolt Smart sports images

2016 Rio Olympics – Is Usain Bolt Smart?

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, but is he smart? One characteristic of Bolt's that isn't debatable is that, with all his gold medals, he sure is arrogant.
Will 'White Male Privilege' fail Ryan Lochte this time 2016 images

Will ‘White Male Privilege’ fail Ryan Lochte this time?

Privilege. It is something that I speak on a lot because I am ever amazed by a) how powerful it is and b) how many people deny that it exists. Of course, the main opponents are those who benefit from it the most.
michael phelps and katie ledecky victories as priming for rio de janeiro summer olympics 2016 images

Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky victories priming for Summer Rio de Janeiro Olympics

It's nearly four months until Michael Phelps swims his fifth and final Olympic games...at least that's what he's promised. He’s been able to return his body to optimal form, too.
ryan lochte thankful for dancing with the stars money 2016 images

Ryan Lochte thankful for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ money

When Ryan Lochte lost all of his major sponsors Monday after his disastrous Matt Lauer interview, everyone was saying that the Olympic swimmer just needed to lay low and stay out of the spotlight.
zika keeps Milos Raonic out of Rio Olympics and Rafael Nadal now eligible 2016 images

Zika keeps Milos Raonic out of Rio Olympics and Rafael Nadal now eligible

Milos Raonic announced on Friday that he will not be contesting the 2016 Rio Olympics. Raonic made the announcement at his Facebook page with the following comments:
pressures on brazils soccer team at rio olympics 2016 images

Pressure’s on Brazil’s soccer team at Rio Olympics

When your country is hosting the 2016 Rio Olympics, the last thing you want to have is your soccer team lose while your fans boo you.
Sports Imperialism - America's Ignorant Claim Monica Puig's Gold Medal 2016 images

Sports Imperialism – America’s Ignorant Claim Monica Puig’s Gold Medal

Imperialists sure love gold. First Christopher Columbus came looking for it in 1492, he didn't find it, and so he then went about collecting slaves instead. Nowadays rivers and mines have been picked over for the precious metal.
lebron james not likely for 3 on 3 action 2020 tokyo

No 3-on-3 action for LeBron James at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

LeBron James Unlikely to Participate in New 3-on-3 Basketball in Tokyo Olympics in 2020
ryan lochte feels the aftermath of rio as all sponsors dump him 2016 images

Ryan Lochte feels aftermath of Rio as all sponsors dump him

Ryan Lochte felt his finances take a major hit on Monday after all of his major sponsors including Speedo and Ralph Lauren unceremoniously dropped him.
Two of Ryan Lochte's U.S. swimmers testifying about robbery 2016 images

Two of Ryan Lochte’s U.S. swimmers testifying about robbery

Ryan Lochte broke history at the 2016 Rio Olympics along with winning medals, but right now, all anyone is talking about is his strange robbery story that's causing both him, the IOC and the Olympic Committee