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How Donald Trump’s China trade war affects you

Don't think Donald Trump's war on China's trade deficit won't affect you. It will actually affect nearly all Americans and the recent stock market price drops are reflecting what's to come.

Twitter feels Donald Trump above law plus their TOS with warnings

Twitter is okay with Donald Trump spreading lies and conspiracies on the social media platform, but only he gets a pass. You don't.

‘Becoming’ Michelle Obama lets loose on Donald Trump

Michelle Obama does not hold back on her feelings towards Donald Trump in her upcoming book Becoming which is worth the read. We break down what you need to know about this surefire best seller.

Donald Trump serious about Mexico immigration tariffs plus Pentagon slaps back

Donald Trump swears he's deadly serious about the Mexico tariffs to stamp out immigration plus the Pentagon slaps back at the president for the John McCain warship mess.

How #MeToo changed history for women and put fear into men

2017 saw a shakeup in the political landscape and one of the biggest was the #metoo movement which saw many powerful men brought into the spotlight of sexual harassment and misconduct. Where does the movement go from here?

Tight election still giving Hillary Clinton plenty of hope

Donald Trump may have reigned himself in sticking to his Teleprompter and avoiding his 'out there' riffs, but Hillary Clinton still has plenty of hope in winning the Presidential race.

Donald Trump nominating Tom Price for HHS

Donald Trump will be making more big announcements on Tuesday, and on Monday he made his choice to nominate Georgia Rep. Tom Price, a leading critic of President Barack Obama's sweeping health care law

2016 Presidential Election just as divisive for NFL teams

2016 Presidential Election as Divisive for NFL as the Rest of the Country, Just Ask the Buffalo Bills

Google pitches privacy with Pixel 4, Zuckerberg political heat builds

Google claims to protect privacy with Pixel 4 smartphone but they want your still anyway. Plus, Mark Zuckerberg feels political pressure on Facebook.

H&M and ‘I don’t see color’ politics don’t cut it in...

H&M quickly apologized for that 'Monkey' shirt but it only shows that in 2018 we keep repeating our racist history over and over. Even those claiming to not 'see color' are just as culpable.

Who wins and loses with Donald Trump’s Christmas gift aka Republican...

As more Senators sign on to the Republicans sweeping tax overhaul, Donald Trump's promise of a great big Christmas present to American may come true, but who are the actual winers and losers in all this?

Russian malware found at electric utility has U.S. cybersecurity re-examined

Times have certainly changed in America where in the past if there was a threat of national security, it was treated seriously. Now truth doesn't matter as much to President-elect Donald Trump who continues denouncing facts
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