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Russian hackers hit more than Clinton plus Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates

ISIS took credit back in 2015 for Twitter threats against United States military spouses with a Bloody Valentine's Day message, but it turns out the Vladimir Putin's army of Russian hackers were behind this along with election meddling and unleashing the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Barack Obama’s nostalgic final speech can’t guarantee his legacy

President Barack Obama gave an emotional and wide-ranging final address on Tuesday as he outlined his thoughts on the greatest threats to our democracy while also reminding Americas of both his achievements and challenges

Getting Donald Trump’s Mueller Russia Report facts right

While Donald Trump is rapid cycling with his feelings towards Robert Mueller's Russia report, here are the facts and fictions coming out of the White House.

Donald Trump takes victim route while in Twitter jail

When Donald Trump was campaigning, there was no bigger man in the room who wouldn't take any guff from anyone, not even China. That was according to him, but President Donald Trump has suddenly wilted

Donald Trump’s latest budget blueprint has a few problems

One of the biggest glaring errors found in Donald Trump's new budget plan is an assumption that there will be a $2 trillion increase in revenue from economic growth even with those tax cuts.

Stephen Miller latest voter fraud evangelist for Donald Trump

Just when you think the voter fraud argument peddled by President Donald Trump has lost some steam after being discredited time and again by Republicans, Democrats and major news agencies, along comes a new evangelist

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

Donald Trump’s Barack Obama facts wrong plus Paul Manafort violation

Donald Trump is claiming that Barack Obama separated migrant families at the border, but his facts are off on that one. Paul Manafort has violated his plea agreement with Robert Mueller and Trump is attacking the Russia probe on Twitter again.

Donald Trump already touting rigged system ahead of debates

Donald Trump loves touting the rigged political system that he helped create, and he's already back to mentioning it right ahead of the three scheduled debates with Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump lands Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

President-elect Donald Trump isn't protesting the media this time as Time magazine named him Person of the Year on Wednesday. While he's been talking about the 'dishonest' mainstream media, this is one time where he feels they've got it right.

Donald Trump slams Ted Cruz Carly Fiorina ticket

In what seems like a 'hail Mary' move, Ted Cruz surprised many by choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate in the 2016 Presidential Election. Cruz is obviously desperate as Tuesday's primaries had him in third place on the Republican side

Donald Trump vs Meghan Markle, John McCain fact check

Donald Trump couldn't resist making himself the center of media attention before his state visit to London by calling the Mayor...