racist normalization isnt normal 2016 images

Racist Normalization isn’t normal

We have become a nation of normalization. That should be our new national motto really. “In normalization we trust.”
fbi james comey angers democrats with donald trump investigation 2017 images

FBI James Comey angers Democrats with Donald Trump investigation

Donald Trump knew Monday going to be his day, but FBI Director James Comey confirmed one thing that really got Democrats angry. While confirming that there was "no information" to sustain Trump's wiretapping claims

Donald Trump continues getting facts wrong on NATO and trade

Donald Trump stunned everyone at the NATO Summit Wednesday morning by taking out some anger at Germany, but once again, he has his facts wrong on both NATO and trade issues. Here are the correct ones.
america getting what it voted for with president donald trump 2017 images

America’s getting what it voted for with President Donald Trump

Americans love saying that they like getting exactly what they wanted so it should make those that voted for Donald Trump very happy. They're getting the exact Donald Trump that was on the campaign trail
metoo times up protestors hand marks over Brett Kavanaugh

Will Brett Kavanugh confirmation affect #MeToo movement?

Now that Brett Kavanugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court can #MeToo go beyond a hashtag?
list grows of democrats boycotting donald trump inauguration 2017

List grows of Democrats boycotting Donald Trump inauguration

Donald Trump's inauguration has lost some of the acts that were going to perform, but the biggest loss in attendance is coming from Democrats who have chosen to boycott it.
more sanctions for russia from obama administration 2017 images

More sanctions for Russia from Obama administration

Vladimir Putin will get to see how strong his friendship is with President-elect Donald Trump next week when he's inaugurated now that President Barack Obama has hit Russia with even more sanctions.
ms 13 gang and donald trumps threat

Fact checking Donald Trump’s latest claims and ‘fake news’ plants

It's a known fact that many things that come from either President Donald Trump or his White House staff will be found to be untrue after vetting, but now they've taken it a step further with attempting to send out 'fake news.'
could an aleppo type situation hit america 2016 images

Could an Aleppo type situation hit America?

How devastating is the world in which we live right now? I mean, we are dealing with a lot here in America, but I dare say that what we are going through (for now) fails in comparison to the situation the Syrian people
donald trump hits new low at hillary clinton dinner 2016 images

Donald Trump hits new low at Hillary Clinton dinner

Donald Trump loves to shock and he didn't fail at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a white-tie gala in New York that is often the last time the two presidential nominees share a stage before Election Day.

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