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Is Donald Trump really ‘draining the swamp’ or dipping his toe...

One of Donald Trump's big battle cries while he was campaigning was "drain the swamp," but suddenly many names that are popping up to fill his cabinet are those that were part of that DC "swamp."

Donald Trump’s history making press conference transcript Part 1

President Donald Trump made more history again on Wednesday with a press conference that easily made his diehard supporters very happy. He attacked the media, admitted that all the leaks within his administration are real

Just who is Maurice Symonette aka Donald Trump’s ‘Michael the Black...

Michael Symonette has made a name for himself as being Donald Trump's biggest black supporter during his rally's, but he's got quite the history long before Trump became President.

Paul Ryan and Republicans finding no easy fix for Healthcare

President-elect Donald Trump's solution for fixing what he called the 'disastrous' Obamacare was making it 'better.' House Speaker Paul Ryan has claimed that Obamacare is headed for a death spiral, but that isn't quite right either.

Fact Check: Elijah Cummings seals up Barack Obama, Earth Day trash,...

Elijah Cummings Barack Obama bill claim, Earth Day mess and Muslims attacking Danish police. Plus MOA child attacker not born in Somalia,

Like Sally Yates, James Comey will haunt Donald Trump

As Republicans continue patiently waiting for Donald Trump to gain some form of impulse control, the president is quickly learning that his actions are coming back to haunt him much faster than he expected.

Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?

Donald Trump’s border wall fiction plus Michael Cohen’s 3 years in...

At this point, most Americans realize that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the border wall; he just needs a fighting point to keep his base happy while former layer Michael Cohen receives a 3-year prison sentence.

When did ‘Star Wars’ fans get so racist?

Sadly, fanboys are showing the dark side of "Star Wars" fandom as they've run another actress off of social media with racist and misogynistic comments and taunts. Kelly Marie Tran is the latest actress to leave Instagram after being verbally attacked by 'fans' not liking her character.

Republicans finally win with Obamacare repeal

It took nearly four months for the Republicans and Trump administration to land a major win, and Thursday was a happy day as Congress voted to repeal and replace Obamacare 217-213.

Bookies set odds on Mueller report as Donald Trump unleashes anger

Bookies are now setting odds on how Donald Trump will reacts the days leading up to the Mueller report coming out.

Heroes and Zeros: Delta Airlines vs Michael Vick

This week’s Heroes and Zeros puts an airline in the winning spot for putting a political pundit in her place. The loser is a football player who should keep his two cents to himself.