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Highlights from a fact challenged 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's campaigns will easily go down in history as the Presidential Election where all the rules were cast aside and facts sometimes were substituted with hyperbole.

Republicans excited with tax bill victory

Both Donald Trump and Republicans are very optimistic on the passage of their very controversial tax bill. Here's everything that is in it and the actual tax bill itself.

Republicans get Marco Rubio back on tax bill: Winners, losers

Marco Rubio quickly came on board the Republicans tax bill along with Bob Corker bringing the passage of the unpopular bill closer to Donald Trump's desk in time for Christmas.

Just how badly did Donald Trump lie about health care?

Now that America has had a chance to digest the shock report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Republicans and House Speaker Paul Ryan are scrambling to either disavow the report

When did ‘Star Wars’ fans get so racist?

Sadly, fanboys are showing the dark side of "Star Wars" fandom as they've run another actress off of social media with racist and misogynistic comments and taunts. Kelly Marie Tran is the latest actress to leave Instagram after being verbally attacked by 'fans' not liking her character.

Fact Check: Donald Trump gets it wrong on Paul Manafort, Rick...

Donald Trump facts fall short on Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Bob Corker and Boeing.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton race now all about women

We knew from the outset that once the 2016 Presidential Election came down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump it would be a no holds barred contest, but who would have thought it would become all about treatment of women

FBI James Comey angers Democrats with Donald Trump investigation

Donald Trump knew Monday going to be his day, but FBI Director James Comey confirmed one thing that really got Democrats angry. While confirming that there was "no information" to sustain Trump's wiretapping claims

Milo Yiannopoulos keeps race issues alive with Leslie Jones

There is a truth that people don’t like to admit. It’s something that folks turn their heads to and pretend doesn’t exist. What I’m talking about reared it’s ugly head once again this week on Twitter

‘Never settle’ Donald Trump settles $25 million Trump University fraud lawsuit

Even though Donald Trump has settled many of his hundreds of lawsuits, he spent his time on the campaign trail stating that he 'never settles.'