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Kim Kardashian shows how celebrities can use white privilege for good

Kim Kardashian uses white privilege for a good cause with Cyntoia Brown.

RIP Wayne Barrett, a true thorn in Donald Trump’s side

Oddly enough, the one reporter who knew Donald Trump better than anyone, Wayne Barrett, won't be around to see him become the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump inserts himself into NFL, NBA with Marshawn Lynch, LaVar...

Donald Trump Sounds Off on Marshawn Lynch and LaVar Ball with 280 Characters

Environmental change will move on with or without Donald Trump

Cities and states realize they don't need President Donald Trump to move ahead with climate change programs to help environment.

Heroes and Zeros: Colleen Dagg vs Taylor Swift

Colleen Dagg is our Hero this week for standing up for her ideals against someone threatening her and Taylor Swift Zeros out for not learning her lesson after last year.

When will women stop body shaming other women?

Jan Shedd decided to publicly shame Channel 8's Demetria Oblior solely based on her curvy figure and what she chose to wear on the air which only shows how much further we women have to go to support and love each other.

How Tomi Lahren’s ‘Choice’ turned on her

Sometimes in life, you do things because of the incentives attached. In the age in which we live today, everyone is trying to become the next big thing. Whether you have a catchy phrase that garners attention for no other reason

Donald Trump says no big deal, but Russia leak is a...

One would think that eventually politicians would begin to choose American patriotism over politics, but with Donald Trump, he seems to have cast a fog over the minds of seemingly rational Republicans.

U.S. losing fight against China’s Huawei: Folding phone wars

The U.S. government's fight to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from 5G networks took a hit Tuesday at the world's largest mobile tech trade fair.

William Barr has become Donald Trump’s ideal American patriot

William Barr is proving to be the ideal person that Donald Trump wants in his life. He's dedicated, loyal and willing to cross any line to get results.

John Kelly falls into Trump’s trap of wronging Rep. Frederica Wilson

John Kelly took to defending President Donald Trump on Thursday, but while he had an authoritative presence, he showed us how he's already been changed inside the White House after stating falsehoods about Florida Representative Frederica Wilson.

Will Brett Kavanugh confirmation affect #MeToo movement?

Now that Brett Kavanugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court can #MeToo go beyond a hashtag?