4 Of The Best Scenes So Far From Daniel Craig’s 007

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While it’s true that most fans have their favourite Bond movie, the production values of the franchise have been progressively getting better since the 60s. Every one of the twenty-five movies leaves audiences in awe and wondering what more James Bond has in store.

Daniel Craig impressively debuted as 007 when he was cast in “Casino Royale,” which premiered in 2006. His alpha masculinity and charisma gained him undying attention from worldwide audiences. His ability to play a character who can remain emotionally calm and in control when on the verge of facing death depicts a true Bond.

Just like other Bonds before him, this 007 has gone through a number of Bond girls, gadgets, weapons, and fast cars. One of the best cars featured in James Bond films that Daniel Craig’s Bond got to drive was the Aston Martin DBS V12 in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. However, car chases and stunts are not only the best moments that you’ll find in a Bond film.

With the latest title in the franchise, “No Time To Die,” set to be released in April 2021 and being the last time fans will see Craig in the role, there’s sure to be some great scenes packed in. Ahead of the movie’s release, here are just some of the best moments that audiences have witnessed with Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond, so far.

daniel craig casino royale movie scene 2015

The last poker hand (“Casino Royale,” 2006)

While many fans these days enjoy playing casino games on their mobile device, James Bond takes a more old-school approach and regularly frequents glamorous gaming establishments around the world in person. This is usually of course in order to get closer to his targets, and he often seems to have luck on his side against sometimes incredible odds. Bond is also exceptionally skilled at poker in the film franchise, able to read his opponents while maintaining an incredible poker face himself.

However, in the “Casino Royale” tournament, you might have thought otherwise. Throughout this casino tournament night, Bond seems down on his luck to say the least; losing at the card table, battling bad guys, and fighting for his life after being poisoned.

When he wrongly calls out Le Chiffre’s bluff, it all looks to be over for Bond. At the final point of the game, Bond calmly sits at the poker table, about to challenge three other players, Le Chiffre, his archrival included, in a game with no more buy-ins and million-dollar big blind. He has the guts to go all-in with forty million. With his bad luck throughout the game, who would have thought Bond would have the winning hand?

daniel craig 007 spectre blowing up walking tops of buildings

Blowing up the block (“Spectre,” 2015)

One of the best opening sequences for Daniel Craig’s Bond is in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead. 007 walks through a crowd in costume before heading up to a hotel room. Here, he changes into his smart tailored suit and heads out of the window.

The scene is praised by many as Bond casually walks along the roofs of buildings with the parade going on beneath him. While eavesdropping for some private intel in a building opposite him, the building unexpectedly collapses and also causes the collapse of the opposite block where Daniel Craig is sitting.

How he manages to slide off the collapsing wall and eventually land on a sofa will always leave us in amazement. He later sarcastically says he was on an overdue holiday when being questioned on his Mexico City motives by M, Head of MI6.

daniel craig spectre helicopter fight images

Helicopter fight (“Spectre,” 2015)

Daniel Craig alias James Bond has exceptional skills at almost everything. He never ceases to amaze us on how he fights in the worst of situations.

Following on from the building collapse at the start of “Spectre,” Bond ends up having a fight sequence in a helicopter no less. While the Day of the Dead parade carries on underneath them, Bond is tied with an enemy in a fight to the death while up in the air in a helicopter. The helicopter spins uncontrollably and Bond is somehow managing to stay in it.

When Bond finally defeats the villain and takes control of the helicopter, it is the sharp pull up stunt away from the crowd below at the last minute that is very impressive.

daniel craig skyfall silva escapes scene

Silva’s escape (“Skyfall,” 2012)

It’s no James Bond film unless a villain escapes from 007’s reach yet again. Soon after Silva is captured and held at MI6, he escapes and ends up in an Underground station in the middle of London. In his chase to catch up with Silva, Bond runs through crowds and slides down escalators.

One of the best and most memorable moments from “Skyfall” is when Bond needs directions from Q as to whether to get on the departing train or not. At the last minute, Q tells him to get on the train because Silva is on it, just as it’s leaving the platform. Audiences then get to see 007 jump on the back of an Underground train just in time.

At the end of the chase, just as Bond gets close to Silva, Silva blows up a train tunnel where an oncoming train is on its way. First Bond had to jump onto a moving train and now he has to jump out of the way of one!

From car crashes to helicopter scenes, Daniel Craig’s Bond has been through a lot. So, what will he come up against in the next film installment? Only time will tell. Due in cinemas this April 2021, 007 fans will have to wait for their next action movie fix by rewatching the new “No Time To Die” trailer until then.