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Tag: Casino Royale

4 Of The Best Scenes So Far From Daniel Craig’s 007

Even though James Bond No Time To Die won't be out until April, here are four of our favorite scenes with Daniel Craig.

Most Popular Casino Action Scenes in Hollywood Movies

If you need a new movie recommendation, don’t miss our list of top movie scenes related to casinos and gambling. Click to read our full casino action scene list.

5 Most Rated Gambling Movies By IMDB

Most movies deal with a gamble of some sort, but here the top 5 highest rated ones dealing exclusively with the sport from IMDB.

The 5 Coolest Cars Featured in James Bond Films

James Bond is always associated with sleek, fast and cool. Here the top 5 hottest and cool cars featured in 007 movies.

How to beat the casino – if you lived in the movies

Everyone would love to live like the casino kingpins we see in the movies, but here's a few tips you can learn from films like 21, Ocean's Eleven and Casino Royale.

Casinos in the Movies: An Evolving Theme

The casino motif is one that's been used by movie directors for many years for a number of reasons. Aside from creating an air of glitz and glamour, casino backdrops offer a sense of anticipation, uncertainty and, in some cases, danger.

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