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Nick Viall on Corinne leaving ‘The Bachelor’ and Fantasy Suite

It's been confirmed that Nick Viall will now be joining the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars so his reality star is still shining bright. With Corinne being the latest to leave The Bachelor

Playing with Fire: Supernatural 12.13 Family Feud

Last week’s Supernatural won’t go down in history as one of my favorites – it was at times downright unpleasant to watch, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t impactful. Luckily, the difficult to watch scenes were interspersed

White House brings in more Russia connections with Wilbur Ross

One would think with so much focus on President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization having ties with Russia that having another cabinet pick with such close ties to Vladimir Putin

NFL teams franchise tagging players before deadline

Jason Pierre-Paul, Chandler Jones, Le’Veon Bell, Kawann Short Receive Franchise Tags Ahead of Deadline

DeMarcus Cousins 18th technical foul seems NBA not hot on him

DeMarcus Cousins Picks Up 18th Technical Foul with Referees, NBA Out to Get Him

Was 2017 Academy Awards Gaffe Staged plus Dez Duron Tweets, Deletes

After our The Voice reviewer explained who Dez Duron was for our Shane Lambert, he tweeted about her description of him. He didn't seem to appreciate it, but she was honest and very kind compared to most of Duron's critics.

Supernatural 1213: Family Feud and Botching Time Travel

I love Supernatural but the writers just wrote themselves in a bind in Family Feud. The requisite spoiler alert for fans who have yet to see the episode featured on this recap

George W. Bush speaks up on Donald Trump

Former President George W. Bush hasn't done an interview since Donald Trump took office, but on Monday, he spoke openly on how he felt the first month has gone.

Samsung pushing Galaxy Tab S3 after phones get delayed

After a rough 2016, Samsung is treading cautiously with its next line of phones, the Galaxy S8 smartphone. People did notice the one thing missing from their product showcase on Sunday, the new phone.

Beyonce baby advice and Dakota Fanning’s ‘Fifty Shades’ of learning

Drawing from her own experience, singer Celine Dion is offering some helpful advice to Beyonce, who will soon be a mother of twins like Celine is. While Beyonce is still in the midst of her pregnancy

Dominic Thiem, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga win ATP Titles in Rio, Marseille

Dominic Thiem and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga were top players that were able to claim titles on the ATP Tour over the last week. Thiem did a number on the Rio draw in Brazil while Tsonga won a home-soil tournament in France

‘Moonlight’ wins Best Picture after two major 2017 Oscar mix ups

The Academy Awards can sometimes feel like watching paint dry, but it wasn't political speeches that spiced things up at the 2017 Oscars Sunday night. It was two major gaffs, obviously unintended, but 89th Academy Awards

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