Nick Viall on Corinne leaving ‘The Bachelor’ and Fantasy Suite

the bachelor nick viall won't give corinne that fantasy suite experience 2017 images

Nick Viall on Corinne leaving 'The Bachelor' and Fantasy Suite 2017 images

It’s been confirmed that Nick Viall will now be joining the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars so his reality star is still shining bright. With Corinne being the latest to leave The Bachelor (and not get to the fantasy suite), Nick had much to say about missing her. You can read all that down below.

That former software salesman, Nick Viall is near the end of his fourth stint with ABC’s hit reality franchise The Bachelor. After 2 failed runs on The Bachelorette, as well as one unsuccessful go on Bachelor in Paradise, Nick took on the lead role for season 21 of The Bachelor. Last week’s episode left viewers on a cliffhanger yet again, as Nick was seen opening the door to Andi Dorfman, the first Bachelorette who broke his heart a few years back. At this point, hasn’t he done enough stints on this show?

Picking up where the show left off last week, Nick welcomes Andi into his New York City hotel room. At this point, Nick has only four contestants left in the running: Corinne, Raven, Rachel and Vanessa. Last week, he visited the finalists’ hometowns and met their families. Drawing from her own experience, Andi offered Nick some advice as he approaches the final rose ceremony. While Andi doesn’t tell him anything all too really noteworthy or insightful, Nick does express his newfound understanding for the situation she was in back when she was The Bachelorette. During her visit, Andi also questions Nick about his plans for the Fantasy Suite. She cautions him about getting intimate with any of the women unless he can truly see a future with them and they consent to do so.

After Andi’s quick visit, Nick reunites with the final four ladies and kick off the next rose ceremony. Being that there is only four of them left, each of the ladies expressed their nervousness to the confessional camera. With roses in tow, Nick first awards the symbol of immunity to Raven and Rachel, leaving Corinne and Vanessa on the chopping block. After a few moments, Nick calls Vanessa’s name, finally sending Corinne home. If you have been following this season, you will likely agree that Corinne’s elimination is long overdue. A complete emotional wreck, Corinne is heard gushing, “Why can’t I just have a normal relationship – I’m done.” The controversial contestant goes on to rant, “I’m done trying to show my men how much I worship them…I need that. I’m done trying to impress these men. I will never kiss up to a man for the rest of my life.” as she drives off and leaves the competition for good – well, likely until the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

With Corinne gone, Nick and the final three contestants fly to Finland for the Fantasy Suite dates. The first date Nick goes on in Finland is with Raven. Together, the duo goes on a scenic helicopter ride above one of the country’s mesmerizing snow-covered national parks. Next, Nick and Raven hit up a Finnish bar, where they talk candidly about the Hometown Date they had the week before. Raven also admits to the bachelor that she is nervous about the impending Fantasy Suite date. To confessional, Raven reveals that she has only been intimate with one man in her life and she is, therefore, uneasy about the whole situation.

After finishing up at the bar, Nick and Raven reunite for a romantic dinner in a cozy cabin. While in the romantic setting, Raven confesses to Nick that she is in love with him – after abstaining from doing so last week. She also opens up about her limited experience when it comes to both expressing affection and intimacy. Clearly appreciative of her honesty, Nick opts to offer Raven the key to the Fantasy Suite. Inevitably, she accepts his invitation and joins him for an overnight date. Unlike some of his predecessors, Nick wisely avoids saying the four-letter L-word to Raven, even though he seems to be feeling this way towards the contestant. However, seeing that he still has his overnight dates with the other two finalists, Rachel and Vanessa, the reality star is evidently trying to keep the impending heartbreak to a minimum, as the final rose ceremony nears.

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Unfortunately, Nick’s date with Raven was the only one showed this week. Next week, Nick will be having his dates – possibly Fantasy Suite dates – with both Vanessa and Rachel. While we know how Rachel’s date ends up going (as she has already been named the next Bachelorette), we will just have to see if Vanessa is able to measure up to Raven in the fight for Nick’s heart (and final rose).

You can see that Nick Viall is close to choosing Ravel, but then he’ll find another on his upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars. Yup, he’s landed over there now. He’s officially become a true reality star.

You can catch more of The Bachelor when it airs next Monday, March 6th on ABC.

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As Corinne was quite the memorable character on this season’s The Bachelor, here’s some of her most memorable quotes to remember her by. At least until she gets onto Bachelor in Paradise.

On being on a group date: “I don’t want to be on this group date. I want to be in a spa, being fed a nice taco. Preferably… chicken.”

On maturity: [As she grabs her breasts] “Do you call this immature?”

On why she’s on “The Bachelor”: “I’m here for Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick. Nickelodeon.”

On being the best: “Make America Corinne again!”

On what “The Bachelor” is all about: “We’re fighting for a fiancé, not a … pickle.”

On taking naps: “Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps.”

On her personality: “I’m a corn husk; you gotta pull all the layers back. And in the middle is this luxury, yellow corn. With all these pellets of information. And it’s juicy, and buttery. You want to get to that corn.”

On shoveling horse manure: “I respect you for shoveling the poopy.”

After sleeping through a rose ceremony: “I know that you are really upset about me falling asleep that day for some reason. I didn’t mean to offend anyone for taking that nap.”

On women gossiping about her: “I’m hungry, I’m disgusted, and I’ve had it up to here.”

During a fight with her rival: “In the utmost respect for you, let’s stop playing Miss Proper here.”

About her nemesis: “She’s just a big, mean swamp monster.”

On what she is, and what she is not: “I am not a runner-up. And my sex abilities are definitely top-notch.”

On Corinne’s world: “Corinne’s world is glamorous.”

On being daring: “I didn’t go into this photo shoot with no clothes. I was daring enough to actually have clothes, then take them off.”

On lust at first site: “Nick held my boobs today. He held my boobs. Okay? Nobody has ever held my boobs like that. And nobody ever will.”

On going outside your comfort zone: “Today was a dream come true. I stepped out of my comfort zone, many times and angles. Dad woul d be proud, even though I was naked.”

Before interrupting people: “Can I interrupt you guys? I’m interrupting you.”

On plastic surgery: “I wanna get a boob job, but like, a tiny one.”

On why she has a nanny: “Raquel keeps my life together, OK? She makes sure that my bed is made every morning. She makes my cucumber and vegetable slices for lunch. She makes me lemon salad. She knows exactly how much oil, lemon, and garlic salt I like.”

On the challenges of reality TV: “And I feel like I’m not being myself, but I’m trying really hard to be myself, but because I’m trying so hard to be myself it’s making me even more not myself.”

On intelligence: “I’m intelligent in my own way … is intelligency a word?”

On being an adult: “I had to do some big-girl stuff. I don’t like it.”

On emotional intelligence: “I smacked the sh– out of her, and she doesn’t even know it. What does that say about your emotional intelligence, b—-?”

On being the bigger person: “How do you make a voodoo doll specific to a person?”

On not getting a one-on-one: “I’m getting frustrated and I’m getting bloated. Ughhhhh.”

On boats: “I’m a boater, I’m experienced, and I look great on a yacht.”

On her sexual abilities: “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

And — of course — on shopping: “Shopping and me go hand in hand, we’re like white on rice.”

nick viall on corinne leaving bachelor

Nick Viall On Corinne Leaving:

I’d imagine most of you guys reading this know the last time Andi knocked on my door it didn’t turn out so well.  It was a couple years ago, and I thought I was about to have the opportunity to propose. Instead she broke my heart and broke up with me.  Lucky for me, we haven’t dated in quite some time and this knock wasn’t so dire, but it certainly came as a shock just as the time before.

Andi and I have certainly had our fair share of drama over the past couple of years, but we’ve actually reached a place where we’re gracious and somewhat friendly with one another. Who would have thought that Andi and I would be in place where we could openly talk about love, sex and our history so calmly?

Sure a visit from your ex can be awkward, but I thought that Andi’s visit proved that after sometime, you can be friends with an ex. While our trip down memory lane was short and sweet, it reminded me that I’d eventually have to make a similar tough decision in the weeks coming.

New York is my favorite city in the world … but I was dreading that rose ceremony. It was emotional to have to come to my decision after such an amazing time visiting these women’s families.

Saying goodbye to Corinne was terrible. Corinne is an exceptional woman who made such an impact on me during this journey. There are so many memorable moments we shared together. From our first kiss the night we met to bouncy castles and meeting her amazing family (and her nanny Raquel!). Corinne, much like myself, was considered controversial; she wasn’t always taken seriously in the house, she went after what she wanted and she is a bold woman. What I saw was a woman who deserves more credit in this world.

Corinne is truly one of the most interesting, caring and charismatic women I’ve ever known. In my heart, I knew my future was stronger with Rachel, Vanessa and Raven, but to this day I miss Corinne and she deserves all the love in the world. I really hope that she and I can be friends in the future, maybe get to a place like Andi and I have gotten to? Next week we reunite and speak for the first time during The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Trust me you won’t want to miss what she has to say.

With the FINNISH line around the corner we packed our boots and coats and traveled all the way north to Lapland, Finland. Finland is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been to in my life, and the moment I arrived I knew that it would be the perfect place to end this journey.

I had such an amazing time visiting Raven’s hometown. I wasn’t sure where her heart was, but I knew that we felt strongly for one another. I decided she would be the perfect first date in Finland. It was so cool taking a helicopter ride around scenic Lapland. In Lapland there are more reindeer then people, unbelievable snowcapped mountains and the most unbelievable skyline. It honestly was like a fairy tale. A freezing cold fairy tale, but a fairy tale nonetheless.

Hanging with Raven in the pub that afternoon was so great. Something you didn’t see was the very competitive game of darts Raven and I challenged the locals to. With the help of my feisty Southern beauty we kicked their butts and ended up winning a round of drinks.

With Raven things are always fun and surprising which is a trend that certainly ran into that evening. I was so touched and grateful when Raven told me she was in love with me. I know Raven has never said those words to anyone before, and to be the man she declared this to was an emotional and amazing moment.

The surprises didn’t stop there, because Raven professed not only her love but a truth she’s been holding in — she’s never had an orgasm. As Raven put it, I truly was at a loss for words. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do in the Fantasy Suites because I really do feel like it is so much more than an opportunity to be intimate. All I knew was that I wanted more time with this beautiful amazing woman.

As my week with three unbelievable woman continues, my feelings for them get deeper and deeper. Raven, Vanessa and Rachel continue to blow me away with their charm, beauty and intellect. I had imagined falling in love in Finland, and it definitely starts to happen. The next two weeks are packed with emotions, painful goodbyes and my journey coming to an end. And as much as everyone has been speculating how I finally leave this Bachelor world, it might not be what you think.

But first, as you all know, Rachel has been announced as the new Bachelorette! I couldn’t be happier for this amazing woman, but saying goodbye to her was my hardest yet. Watch next week as Rachel and I share our last date together in Finland and I make one of the toughest decisions to say goodbye.

But guys, as if that wasn’t enough, there is even more next week! After The Bachelor, I reunite with the beautiful women from my journey during The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Rachel and I see one another for the first time since our tearful goodbye in Finland, and her announcement as the Bachelorette. Alexis may or may not be wearing a nautical suit, and the rest of these ladies don’t hold back the drama. There is arguing, cheese pasta, sharks, dolphins and a whole lot of tears. Trust me, you won’t want to miss what these ladies have to say.

Thanks for reading,