Was 2017 Academy Awards Gaffe Staged plus Dez Duron Tweets, Deletes

Was 2017 Academy Awards Gaffe Staged and Deliberate images

Was 2017 Academy Awards Gaffe Staged plus Dez Duron Tweets, Deletes images

UPDATE: After our The Voice reviewer explained who Dez Duron was for our Shane Lambert, he tweeted about her description of him. He didn’t seem to appreciate it, but she was honest and very kind compared to most of Duron’s critics. We responded back on Twitter to him and he quickly deleted his comment. Guess he was afraid his fan would think he was being whiny.

Scroll on down below to see the description. Many of you will probably vaguely remember him if you saw The Voice back in 2012, then you’ll realize why Shane and most people have forgotten him.

I don’t know who Dez Duron is, but he’s got a blue checkmark beside his name on Twitter, and that’s good enough for me. Duron had a tweet Sunday night regarding the incorrect awarding of the Best Picture Oscar to “La La Land.” Duron, while maintaining that he didn’t believe in accidents, asked if “Anyone else (watched) moments like that and (thought)…They did it on purpose” (February 26th). Unlike Duron I certainly do believe in accidents. However, I also believe that the anything-for-publicity motive is real too.

If the high-profile ‘error’ was an isolated incident, I’d find it easier to just accept it as an accident. But how many of these ‘OMG MOMENTS’ need to happen in such a predictable context before Joe/Jane Public realizes that he/she is being duped? Don’t think that the context is predictable? Think again.

Remember December 2015’s Miss Universe pageant and the incorrect naming of Miss Columbia as the winner followed by the correction? What does that event and the Oscars have in common besides the alleged accidental false crowning of an award recipient? One major commonality is that they both took place at what I’ll call ‘The Main Event.’ They aren’t screwing up the small stuff, like misnaming Miss Belize or misnaming the Best Live Action Short Film. They are screwing up when media and public attention is highest with widespread publicity soon to follow. You can dismiss that as coincidence, but I certainly don’t.

I don’t know who Brian P. Mangan is and he does NOT have a blue checkmark beside his Twitter name. However, he is tweeting what I regard as the truth, and that’s good enough for me: “Steve Harvey messing up the Miss Universe announcement was great for ratings, so the Oscars did it on purpose. Get with it people.” I don’t blame him for talking down to you because the gullible are frustrating to deal with.

Many of them will call me and Mangan conspiracy theorists, or some other such name, for suggesting that high-profile screw-ups are deliberate. It’s almost as though people have never heard of the phrase “publicity stunt” before.

There have been other screw ups over the decades in ‘Main Events’ with benefits for the people involved. Janet Jackson’s nipple slip at the 2004 Super Bowl is a major case in point as it made her one of the most-searched people in Internet history. In sports, it’s a little bit different than showbiz, but the rigging is there as well. The best-known case has to do with the 2002 Los Angeles Lakers, a team that was basically awarded the 2002 Western Conference Finals over the Sacramento Kings to keep a high-profile team alive in the NBA playoffs.

I certainly don’t deny that accidents happen and I’ll admit that it’s possible that the Miss Universe and Academy Award screw ups were not staged. But I think when it comes to conjecture, that analyzing in terms of both motive and opportunity is the way to be. It could definitely be that these high-profile stages require some ‘oooommmpphhh’ to take the publicity over the top. AS for the planning, someday maybe the public will realize that cultural managers are capable of doing whatever it is that they are capable of thinking of.

Until then leave it to Hollywood to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and leave it to Joe/Jane Public to buy into it without much skepticism. That’s the American public for you, the most gullible people in the world right now as evidenced by their gaslighting president Donald Trump, another individual whose laughing all the way to the bank after duping the public, Lauren Duca aside.

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Editor’s Note: Dez Duron was a singing contestant on NBC’s “The Voice” back in 2012 (Season 3) and was mentored by Christina Aguilera. Known more for all the coaches telling him how attractive he was when his songs fell somewhat flat, he did make it to the Top 8. Not knocking his voice, but he’s that hot guy you find in the karaoke bar on a Saturday night thinking that all the attention he’s getting is for his singing.

At least we know pretty people can still get their opinions heard and validated. UPDATE: Dex Duron did have something to say about this article on his Twitter, but he quickly deleted it. Guess he realized he was sounding like a whiny bitch. A pretty whiny bitch, but definitely a whiny bitch.

This was our very nice response to his Tweet which I guess made him realize how he would sound to his fan. Stay pretty, my whiny little friend. Stay pretty.

As for those Twitter blue checkmarks, they are actually very relative as there has been an abundance of spam profiles that have received them while many legitimate people and organizations have been continually turned down. We’re not sure what merits Twitter uses to verify legitimate accounts, but it seems to be very low for those that don’t merit them.