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Is Rafael Nadal On A Decline He Can’t Control?

Rafael Nadal, considered by many to be on the decline, will not be making another appearance in the Australian Open final this season. The Spaniard fell in the quarterfinals of the first Grand Slam of 2015 to Tomas Berdych earlier this week.

Top 10 Super Bowl Moments In History

The Super Bowl is upon us. The media is salivating on media row for any tidbit of bulletin board material. Players have thrown their cell phones in the dumpster to avoid cousins that are asking for last minute tickets to the game.

Reevaluating NFL’s Most Overrated Players 2015

The most overrated player list I came up with toward the beginning of the 2014 NFL season needs to be graded out. I like to be a fair guy, so I don't want to leave a guy on the list that deserves a little more credit noted

Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Showed Up

Marshawn Lynch spoke for a lot of players when he used the same answer for all 29 questions hurled his way on Super Bowl media day. The beast mode phenom stated plainly and truthfully, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Novak Djokovic Moves To Australian Open Finals With Wawrinka Win

Stan Wawrinka was the only tennis player to have defeated Novak Djokovic at Melbourne Park, but that wasn't the case today. The worlds number one tennis champr eached his fifth final today with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Seattle Seahawks Look to Start a Dynasty

There is an unwritten rule in the NFL that a team can only be considered a dynasty if they win more than one Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers won four during the 1970s—that’s a dynasty.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Ep 10 Recap: Who’s Your Baby?

The time has finally come (or came). Last night we saw the winter premiere of the much anticipated How To Get Away With Murder and it was everything. It answered a lot of questions that we were left with from the first nine episodes and we found out why exactly the Keating Four were in the woods

Did Xbox fudge numbers to catch up to PS4?

From the time of its launch the Sony PlayStation 4 managed to establish itself as the leader in the industry both in terms of the hype created and the sales that took place. The industry is currently seeing the eighth generation of console cold war

Brad Culpepper Fraud Lawsuit Over SURVIVOR Appearance

Brad Culpepper's wife is really wishing she hadn't pushed for her husband to join her on the CBS reality series Survivor. Now Monica is feeling the backlack of the insurance industry after they're questioning how someone who got a huge disability payout

12 Things We Learned From Super Bowl XLIX Week

Yesterday was the end of NFL players being available to the media, and it definitely was enjoyable as Marshawn Lynch's 'What are y'all here for?' press conference that will be talked about all this year.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Keeping Everything Secret From Public & Cast

You know that just as the media frenzy dies down slightly for "Fifty Shade of Grey" something else unfolds to give it more spin, and it's about to get crazy since the controversial kinky (toned down by Hollywood standards, of course) is about to hit theaters

Arnold Schwarzeneggar Back To Business In TERMINATOR: GENISYS Super Bowl Trailer

It looks like Paramount is going back to the future of the past for "Terminator: Genisys" as the latest trailer brings moments from the first two films in the franchise together.

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