HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Ep 10 Recap: Who’s Your Baby?

how to get away with murder ep 10 recap whos your baby

how to get away with murder ep 10 recap whos your baby

The time has finally come (or came). Last night we saw the winter premiere of the much anticipated How To Get Away With Murder and it was everything. It answered a lot of questions that we were left with from the first nine episodes and we found out why exactly the Keating Four were in the woods trying to get rid of a body. So here it is (there are spoilers). Let’s jump right in.

We open up to see Annalise getting ready in her traditional routine, putting on her wig, make up  and more. A voice over shows us that she is being interrogated by police about Sam’s affair with Lila and his whereabouts. Of course she doesn’t give them anything that can lead to the truth of what happened- Sam is dead (in case you’re just tuning in).

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We are clued in to how she reacted when she found Sam dead on the floor at their house. We are taken back to the scene and Wes tells her what happens, how it all led to them killing him. We find out that Annalise is the one who tells him to take the body and burn it. She tells him that he had to die because of what he did to that girl so it’s okay.

Later, we are taken back Annalise’s house where the murder happened with cops and forensics there dusting the “crime scene.” The students are there, looking all suspicious and stuff. She calls Wes into her office and tells him to tell them to get it together. She also tells him to not tell Rebecca. Annalise promises that she will get the charges against her dropped and everything will be okay.

Each member of the Annalise’s team is interviewed about their interactions with Sam and when they saw him last. Here also, I think Annalise is playing some kind of mind game on Rebecca. She apologizes to her for not going to the police sooner because then she would have never been implicated in the murder. However, because Wes is pussy whipped, the joke may actually be on Annalise because as he and Rebecca lie in bed together they mention something about keeping “it” (whatever it is) from Annalise.

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As things get more heated with questioning from the police, we find our weakest link in the group this episode too- Connor. He tries to convince Michaela that they should go to the police and turn themselves in.

Next, one of the moment’s we have been waiting for – who is the daddy of Lila’s baby. Annalise is handed the DNA results by Frank. She opens up the letter in his presence and we find out low and behold… Sam is the father. She breathes a sigh of relief which causes Frank to ask her what the hell is going on because not wife should be relieved that her husband is the father of another woman’s baby. She looks at him deeply and then tells him something. What she said to him we do not know but from the way he confronts Laurel, it just may be what really happened.

We see from a video tape Annalise obtained from an abortion clinic that Sam went with Lila to get rid of the pregnancy. They argue about it in front of a staff member who was later called to testify at a trial to show that Sam was more than likely Lila’s killer.

Michaela is breaking down as she and Connor come closer to going to the police. They enlist Laurel to join them (strength in numbers) in going to the police to tell them the truth. She relents and agrees to.

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At trial, the evidence entered against Sam proves to be effective as they are able to get the charges against Rebecca dropped. Annalise worked hard to get that judgment and everyone has something to say about it. While in the bathroom, to catch a breather it looks like, she overhears two women talking about how heartless she is. She bursts out the bathroom stall and you can see their hearts drop. She stares them down in silence, washes her hands and walks out.

Michaela, Laurel and Connor go the police only to be ambushed by Wes and Annalise. How did they find out? Laurel told Wes who told Annalise. She meets them at the station and tells them that she knows they are the ones who killed Sam. She eases their minds by telling them that she understands and doesn’t blame them. Annalise promises help them and that they will get away with the Sam’s murder. Her sweet talk works and the kids are back in the game.

All seems to be well and the first hurdle has been passed. The show ends with the final interview- Connor. He gives an interesting take on the whole situation, saying that Annalise is a woman who seeks out justice for her clients and all the while she was living with a monster. I must say that all of their interrogation sessions have been pretty convincing. The only one who was kind of shaky is Michaela.

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Anyway, it ends with Connor at the police station and Annalise at home. We see her touch Sam’s pillow, flop down on the bed, grab said pillow and hold it. Then she gets a phone call from Connor, “I think we have a problem.” Cut to the police station, it is a stern faced Hannah Keating, Sam’s sister played by the awesome Marcia Gay Harden. She tells the cops that her brother is not the murderer that Annalise is painting him to be.

Annalise hangs up the phone with, “Oh shit” on her face. From the looks of it, Hannah’s arrival in town is going to shake things up.