What are the best free sports analysis apps?

top free sports apps for analysis 2019

Since the US Supreme Court chose to make sports betting legal in May 2018, it is something that many US players have got involved with. With more and more states deciding to make it legal, lots of US sports fans can legally place a wager now. The Bet MGM online casino in New Jersey is a case in point – if you do decide to play here, remember to get the best BetMGM bonus code to use beforehand.

When it comes to betting on sports, data and analysis is king. Being able to access the latest stats and player data is crucial to confidently predict the outcome of any game or market you bet on. This will not only see you win more bets over time but also see you win more money!

Of course, in our modern age, smartphone apps play a key role here. The problem for busy gamblers though is that there are so many to choose from! If you need a quick rundown of the best sports analysis apps to use, then the below should help.


Available for free on iOS and Android, the ESPN app is definitely worth having. The major benefit here is that it is constantly being updated, so all the news and stats on it are current. It also has analysis and news for a huge range of sports, which is great if you are betting outside of the big four. With breaking team news and professional analysis given by experts on any given sport, it is a real treasure trove of information for bettors. When you put all this together, it makes for a valuable analysis app that any sports bettor should have.

CBS Sports

Another free analysis app from a huge name in the US is this one from CBS. Available on both Android and iOS, it offers in-depth news and comment on a vast range of sports. From golf to football, basketball and beyond, you are sure to find the information you need to formulate bets with here. A neat touch with this app is the live streaming of certain big events in sports. This allows you to engage with in-play betting by watching what is happening before putting your money down. There is also the CBS Sports Radio channel to listen to for even more comment, expert analysis and news.

The Score

When it comes to free sports apps that give you all the stats needed for betting, this is one worth getting. It offers a great level of detail and is one for those who love to really dig into the numbers before placing their bet on sports such as baseball. An innovative touch with this app is the social feature that enables you to share key data or stories with friends. The games reports are pleasingly detailed, while the handy calendar feature makes it easy to keep up with the schedule in your chosen sport. For those who like to bet on individual players in games, there is also the option to follow certain players and receive updates every time a new story or piece of gossip comes out about them.

Bleacher Report

As with all the other apps here, this one is totally free and works on both iOS and Android. This sports app stands out as it takes a much more focused approach than the others. Rather than offering general news and analysis in a range of sports, it allows you to laser in on certain teams in certain sports to really get to know them. This is great for successful betting as it gives you much more knowledge of the team when betting on them. Easy to use and full of cool analysis, it is an app that offers something different.

Check out the coolest sports analysis apps today

If you are interested in sports betting and making some money off the teams you follow, then you would not be alone. This is not only massively popular globally but is also becoming a big sector within the US now. Before you start to put any money down though, make sure that you check out some of the above sports analysis apps. They could not only help make your betting more profitable but will also cost you nothing to download either.